Why Do Games Developers Love Outer Space So Much?

It was reported in a recent YouGov poll that more than half those surveyed believe in some kind of extra-terrestrial life, while around one-third of Americans believe that aliens have landed on earth already. Indeed, a further 54% believe that the American government knows more about UFOs and what might be out there than they are letting on.

This obsession with outer space could explain why space has become the perfect fodder for creating gaming content. Indeed, there are many games inspired by what could be out there, and the fact that there is no general consensus means that games developers are entitled to use artistic license when creating space-themed games – so much the better for gamers.

Franchise-Led Outer Space Games

The Star Wars games are major players in this field – not just in the outer space themed game section, but in terms of gaming in general. Star Wars Battlefront represents the multiplayer battle royale style of gameplay that allows players to cycle through many characters and locations from the Star Wars universe, while Lego Star Wars is a more satirical approach that plays through the storylines of the films and reimagines the Star Wars franchise as Lego. Star Trek Online acts as a forum of sorts for fans to engage with the series, meet likeminded players, and take on tactical one on one missions or meet strange aliens that are plucked from the many iterations of the series. Alien: Blackout is based on the Sigourney Weaver Alien series and is available for mobile. This takes into account the growing trend of mobile gaming and infuses elements of a film that many fans fell in love with in the 1970s, taking the aliens in outer space are inherently dangerous tack.

Other Outer Space Games

Not all successful space themed games are based on popular franchises, though. Destroy All Humans from 2005 is a comical look at what would have happened had aliens landed in New Mexico in 1949. The game features a period setting and a sandbox arena for your alien to take up missions, abduct cows, use death rays, and avoid being caught by the authorities. Those who play Starburst slot games will also be able to engage with content that gives a different interpretation of what could be at the very top of the universe. The game infuses the jewels that bring to the online slot the power of stars and their place in the many galaxies out there. Another example, Hades’ Star is a multiplayer mobile game where hundreds of players explore space. The strategy game gives players the option to explore their own surroundings, fight, or colonize.

Playing space games give us a sense of perspective as to what else could exist in this universe besides us. Whether focusing on the vastness of space or whether the aliens out there are comical and satirical, bloodthirsty and creepy, or a good mix of the two – it’s exciting for viewers to see other interpretations of what may be lurking in the skies.

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