Hoverloop Announces Major Update & Fall 2019 Release

Hoverloop, the Belgian-made multiplayer drone combat game is now loaded with a ton of additional features! This milestone is a major step toward the full version’s release on Steam and Xbox One later this year. Created using the Unreal Engine, Hoverloop offers a peek into a future where all of the world’s sports have been overtaken by drone competitions.

Check out the brand new trailer:

We’ve interviewed the developer some time ago and it’s nice to see the game evolving. Here’s a list of all the extra content that has been added to the Steam Early Access build:

  • New level: Mine
  • New game mode: Team Deathmatch
  • Added Canned chat – Allows the user to send up to 16 different predefined messages.
  • Added Oil Trails below the drone when you are damaged as well as particle effect
  • New drones and customizations
  • Tutorial game mode where you can learn all things Hoverloop
  • Polished AI that uses special abilities and random customizations
  • AI difficulty levels can now be set via the Host Match UI
  • Visual outlines to enhance readability in gameplay
  • “Death” UI indicator for teammates in Team Deathmatch that indicates location, as well as time till respawn
  • 3D Banner showing the best three players inside of the levels
  • Pre- and Post-Match lineups – Post-Match showing the winning player’s emotes
  • All new custom-made sound effects for UI and Gameplay
  • Improved loading screen with generic and gamemode relevant hints and description
  • A cheering crowd that reacts to gameplay (audio)
  • Cameras that follow the player’s actions (visually, like a sportsmatch)
  • Haptic controller feedback for collisions
  • Completely revamped level Metropolis

The fresh tutorial that will help you learn the ropes in your high-speed hover drone while an AI upgrade for computer-controlled opponents will push you to your limits.
You’ll be able to express yourself even more because they added a bundle of new drone skins, hats, trails and emotes to taunt your poor opponents with.


Note: Hoverloop is only playable locally for now. The online mode will be part of the final game at launch in Fall 2019, along with more new modes.
To close things off, let’s look at a few more action screenshots:


Knight Emote


Hoverloop is a multiplayer arena shooter that features customizable hover drones in high-speed combat. Players take their mechanized combatants into battle for glory across a multitude of maps and gametypes including modes like Deathmatch and wave-based PvE matches. Both the drones’ abilities and appearance can be personalized to their owner’s preferences. Powerful abilities like death rays, invulnerable shields and teleportation let you pick your playstyle.

Key Features:

  • Customization: Pick your favorite customizable drone from a vast variety of materials, colors, hats, trails and emotes, paired with unique abilities like teleportation or death ray.
  • Combat: Obliterate your opponents with an arsenal of powerful weapons. Blow them up, stun them and punch holes in them with the machine gun.
  • Multiplayer: Play with up to four friends locally or eight players online.
  • Arenas: Fight on a variety of maps across a wide array of game modes including Deathmatches and cooperative PvE modes against waves of AI.

Hoverloop is now available on Steam Early Access and will be releasing on PC and Xbox One in Fall 2019.
For more information, follow @CronosInteractv and @HoverloopNAC on Twitter, or visit not-a-company.com.

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