The Gaming Tech You’ll Need Before Trying to Go Pro

Millions of kids dream of becoming pro gamers, but only a few make the cut. Developing elite skills and gaining recognition requires a combination of work ethic, passion, resilience, and both mental and physical quickness. However, with enough training and the right gaming hardware, the road to becoming pro can be easier than you think.


One of the key components to his conquest is quality hardware. Any pro will tell you that the right tech is everything. It’ll help you become a pro by:


  • Increasing your reaction speeds
  • Allowing you to immerse yourself deeper into the game for maximum focus
  • Making it easier to communicate with team members during gameplay


High Quality Headset

If you ever watch professionals compete, the first thing you notice is how everyone is wearing a headset. Is this simply so they can communicate efficiently? Not exactly.


Whether you’re playing a first person shooter or a sports game, a headset can help in the following ways:


  • Block Distractions: If you want to win, you must remain focused, and external noise can debilitate your concentration. The best gaming headsets are enhanced with noise-canceling technology, which allows players to stay fully engaged in the game.


  • Game Whenever: Without headphones, the noise from your game can be disturbing to others and can lead to contention if you live in a crowded house. With headphones, the noise is restricted to you, allowing you to game whenever.


  • Team Communication: Whether you’re console or PC gaming, headphones will allow you to communicate with friends or teammates, which is crucial in popular games like Overwatch.


Improved Graphics Card

It’s hard to understate how much a high-quality graphics card will improve your experience as a gamer. While all computers have a stock graphics card, most motherboards are designed so that the default card can be replaced or upgraded. To that end, the best nvidia graphics card has the ability to:


  • Create more memory on your PC or console
  • Vastly improve your gaming experience by rendering a clearer, crisper image. This provides further clarity during in-game play, allowing you to see more than you previously could


All the best PC gamers run high-end graphics cards and would be unable to compete with their peers if they didn’t. Every piece of gaming hardware serves its purpose, but the graphics card is undeniably one of the—if not the most—important.


Thumb Grips

If you’ve spent time around gamers, you’ve probably seen thumb grips used before. They attach to the end of analog sticks, providing a wide range of benefits which give players a competitive edge over their opponents.


They improve:


  • Grip: Thumb grips are ribbed, which improves your ability to control your in-game movements and makes it unlikely that your fingers will slip while gaming.


  • Comfort: Hand fatigue takes a lot longer to set in when you have thumb grips attached to your controller.


  • The Life of Controller: Just like your phone case can increase the lifespan of your phone, thumb grips can increase the lifespan of your favorite controllers by decreasing wear and tear on the original hardware.


Elite Controllers

Stock console controllers may work well for beginner or intermediate gamers, but in the pro leagues virtually everyone runs upgraded controllers. Stock controllers are limited. They offer restricted reaction speeds and can quickly lead to hand fatigue. Upgraded controllers, like SCUF controllers, allow players to:


  • Increase Their Responsiveness: In an interview with Forbes, Patrick “Aches” Price, a Call of Duty Pro, said that “SCUF allowed me to put my reaction time to real use and get the upper hand on all of my opponents.” Care to argue with him?


  • Game Longer: Elite controllers are more comfortable, designed with ergonomic shapes that allow you to game longer.


  • Utilize Extra Paddles: Some elite controllers come with extra paddles on the back, which allows players to utilize different options when mapping their controls.


Final Thoughts on Pro Level Gaming Tech

If you want to join the professional ranks of gaming, it’s going to take patience, hard work, and, without question, better gaming equipment. While the mark of a skillful gamer is their ability to win with stock equipment, they’ll eventually need to upgrade. This is just part of becoming a pro.


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