Project xCloud and the Growing Excitement Around Games Streaming

The video gaming world has seen some very exciting developments down the years but it seems like we have been really spoilt for choice in recent times. From the increasing sophistication and range of mobile games now on offer to the incredible strides taken with both virtual and augmented reality, it is undoubtedly an exciting period for the industry as a whole.

However, arguably the biggest issue on everyone’s minds at the moment is the concept of streaming and how it could change the way we access our favourite titles. The trend is set to make serious headlines later this year and a couple of recent developments have meant excitement is undoubtedly building.

xCloud applications

One of the most talked-about initiatives related to games streaming is, of course, Project xCloud. Being developed by Microsoft, the concept is about giving gamers a greater level of choice regarding how they access Xbox games – including allowing them the chance to experience high-quality gaming on devices including their mobile phones.

Trials of xCloud are expected to begin in October and reports have now emerged that eagle-eyed fans have spotted some developments online which are likely to be related to it. As Windows Central outlines, two applications linked to the streaming platform have been added to the Microsoft Store.

Few details are featured on the listings related to the apps, other than they are both being described as shooters and are known as ‘xCloud Test Game’ and ‘xCloud Test Game PAID’. However, the lack of detail has not prevented people from getting excited about just what the future could hold for games streaming.

A long relationship

Of course, while the likes of Project xCloud and its big rival, Google Stadia, may have put the relationship between gaming and streaming firmly in the spotlight, the link between the pair is actually one which has existed for some time.

A good example of this has been seen through the years on casino sites, where the options for playing blackjack online have now for some time included ‘live’ variations of the game. These tend to allow players to take part in ‘real-life’ games which are streamed and hosted by a live dealer via a video link.

Furthermore, another obvious example of gaming’s relationship with streaming are platforms like Twitch. The services allow gamers to not only stream their own gaming adventures for people to watch, but also give them the chance to watch top players in action and pick up some hints and tips along the way.

The next chapter

Gaming has changed so much in the past few years and it will be truly fascinating to see how the next chapter of its enduring relationship with streaming ultimately plays out. The idea of being able to play console-quality games on the move is undoubtedly intriguing and it is wholly understandable that excitement about the concept has gone into overdrive.

We can’t wait to see what is in store when trials for Project xCloud begin later this year.

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