Will Ubisoft Ever Create an Assassin’s Creed Game Set in the Aztec Era?

Assassin’s Creed is one of the most popular and enduring game franchises around, and it seems likely that Ubisoft will continue churning out the titles while the booming audience is still there. The unique premise of the series, which helps to keep it fresh, is that every game is in a different setting and time period. The developers seem to take note of what players want when thinking of new ideas, and a lot of people have been hoping for something set in the Aztec era.

The Aztec people lived in Central Mexico between 1300 and 1521 before ultimately falling to the Spanish Empire. The period is an interesting point in history, with a lot of the information learnt through the archaeological discovery of indigenous artwork and writings, along with first-hand accounts from Spanish invaders. Though not quite as well known and popular as Ancient Egypt, perhaps, there is still a lot of mystery and intrigue surrounding the Aztecs.

The Aztecs have been around in popular culture over the years, with Salvador Carrasco’s The Other Conquest depicting the aftermath of the Spanish colonisation. There were also numerous B movies in the 1970s which featured the Aztec mummy and Aztec ghosts. In games, there is the Amazing Aztecs offering from Microgaming. This game comes recommended by Bonussource.com, the real money online casino bonus source in the UK. There is also the Aztec Escape mobile game from Cool Math Games.

Ubisoft actually sent out a survey in 2011, asking participants to suggest settings they would like to see in future instalments of the stealth franchise. One of the most requested time periods was the Spanish Invasion of the Americas. This would encompass the end of the Aztec era. There would certainly be a lot of scope to take this idea in various directions, and players could have the option to play on both sides of the conflict.

Ubisoft has released 21 games in the series so far, and has always managed to release at least one game per year since 2007. The CEO of the company, Yves Guillemot, has previously stated that the series would eventually come to an end. But he also said that as long as they believed the story could be taken in a new direction and there was interest from the players, they would stick with it. This means that there are likely to be a few more titles yet to come in the series. The possibility of one of these being a game set during the Aztec period is quite high.

Assassin’s Creed II was originally supposed to be set in 16th-century Mexico, but in the end, the developers decided to go with Renaissance Italy. Since then, the time period hasn’t come up, with Ubisoft deciding to focus on other regions and conflicts. With fans desperate to see what a game set in the Aztec period would be like, it could be fair to assume that Ubisoft will get round to making it soon. After the success of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, the developers may be tempted to stay deep in the past with their next few titles.

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