Buy Best Luxury Watch With the Best Guide

Everyone wishes to don an elegant and luxurious watch. And today, there is an array of option for premium watches in the market today that can quickly leave you perplexed. If you are also confused about how to buy a perfect luxury watch, read this guide to make a well-informed decision.


  1. Material 


Premium luxury watches are generally constructed using materials such as titanium, gold, and platinum. For a luxury watch, a steel grade of 316L should be the bare minimum. At a similar price point to the 316L grade steel, you may procure a titanium-based watch. Apart from the slightly more polished look, titanium has the added benefit of being even more durable and lightweight than its 316L steel counterpart. It also provides added scratch resistance. For Gold luxury watches, one may opt for white gold or rose gold, both very attractive options and massively trending at the moment. Gold watches do have the added benefit of liquidity. What could be better than gold? Well, platinum! Platinum is a precious metal that does not corrode or lose color. They also exude a very premium finish, a true mark of luxury and style. Do keep in mind though, platinum is denser than gold, so these watches tend to be pretty heavy.


  1. Brand 

It is imperative to select a brand whose watch design reflects your personality and style. Narrow your requirements and then look out for the brand that perfectly caters to your needs. If you want to invest in a designer watch, then consider brands such as Panerai, Louis Moinet, Rolex, Breitling, etc. If you want to add a touch of elegance further, look for hand-crafted, and assembled watches.


  1. Features 

Perpetual calendars, chronographs, moon phases, multiple time zones, world calendars, chains, and fuse assemblies are common add-ons found in modern-day watches. A lot of these features aren’t available in low-end watches, so a good mix of features can surely help your watch stand out.


  1. Stone  

Watches with precious stones take the elegant quotient to a whole new level. However, when you are buying luxury watches with precious stones ensures whether the stone is natural or synthetic. Natural stores are more valuable and hold higher value in the market.


  1. Locking Mechanism 

Low-end watches feature a single clasp locking mechanism, which locks in a single click. These are prone to failures and the watch band abruptly opening. Premium watches feature at least two or three locking clasps. The first lock is via the ‘click’ mechanism, with the second lock coming from the metal flap locking over it. The third lock is usually a push-button lock.


  1. Size 

People often opt for large-sized watches as it denotes confidence. However, depending on the size of the wrist, large watches may not suit everyone. Therefore ensure that you try the watch and see whether it suits your wrist before making a buying decision.


There you have it; aforementioned are some important tips that will help you invest in luxury watches wisely. Next time you are out to shop for a premium watch for yourself, make sure you consider the above aspects before making a final decision.


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