Four of the Best Gambling Games for PlayStation

The world of gaming often draws its inspiration from real-life sources. Whether it’s the amazingly accurate historical settings in Assassin’s Creed,the hyper-realistic crime drama in Grand Theft Auto, or the excitement of playing high-level football via the Fifa franchise, players get the chance to experience an array of real-world scenarios through these fictional mediums.

It’s little surprise, then, that some developers have branched out into the high-octane world of casino gaming. Offering exhilarating victories and adrenaline rushes galore, there are a number of great games that give you the chance to know its thrills without putting money on the table.

Here are four of the best for PlayStation.

Prominence Poker

Developed by 505 Games, Prominence Poker awards players the opportunity to enjoy the exciting world of poker from the comfort of their own homes. Coming complete with a number of unique and intricately designed locations, it offers a peek into what goes on behind closed doors in the sport’s secretive underground scene. Its fully customisable main character gives you the chance to rise through the ranks, with the final showdown taking place between you and The Mayor’ – a local poker kingpin who makes for the most challenging of opponents. The graphics are great, the audio design is smart, and multiplayer options are included.

Pure Hold’em

Available on both Xbox One and PS4, Pure Hold’em provides players with a truly amazing gaming experience. Adopting a multiplayer format, it offers the chance to interact with your fellow gamers, and even to enter tournaments once you’ve gained a handle on how it all works. Coming with some of the best graphics of any gambling game on the market, it provides a genuinely enjoyable way to spend a day.

The Four Kings Casino and Slots 

Taking the middle ground between an MMO and a casino game collection, The Four Kings Casino and Slots offers up a simulated casino experience that will leave you feeling as if you’re right there in reality. Giving players the option to create a custom avatar, it provides a perfect opportunity to learn more about gambling while earning in-game money as you go. If you like what you see, you might want to take the action offscreen, by trying your hand at some real-world casino games, such as blackjack or roulette. With a vast collection of online casino from Betfair, for example, you’ll find you have plenty of options if you fancy taking your experience from fictional to factual.

Red Dead Redemption

Availabe on PS3 and Xbox 360, Red Dead Redemption is not a game that’s solely focused on gambling, but it does incorporate six separate betting games for players to enjoy, including Arm Wrestling, Five Finger Fillet, Horse-shoes, Liar’s Dice, and Texas Hold’em. Realistically depicted, these provide a really good insight into the basics for those who want to get to grips with the wonderful world of casino gaming.

Offering the ideal source material for the world of computer and video gaming, gambling can be just as enjoyable whether it’s real money on the table or in-game currency. Give it a go with one of these four fantastic games, and you may soon develop a taste for the genuine article!

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