The implementation of virtual reality in online gambling

Virtual reality in online gambling is not about such a trivial thing, such as putting someone in a slot machine room where he looks around and sees bright lights; it’s about finding new ways to get punctures to connect with other people in new ways, to create something new that we haven’t seen before. It is much deeper than the technological demonstrations we have seen when playing casino on line in recent years. In a nutshell: virtual reality or VR could be an important part of the future of online games, in addition to playing an important role in questioning our existence and role in the universe.

A game that becomes virtual reality

Virtual reality has been mocked as a variable for decades. Arcade owners and game development companies have taken advantage of the ability to leave our world in favor of something truly immersed; Instead of just pretending to be a brave knight on a flat screen TV, you could be that gentleman in virtual reality, allowing yourself to live your life and have the chance to save the princess.

Unfortunately, those statements were optimistic and unrealistic, since the hardware at that time was simply not up to par. Many people believe that virtual reality is an impossible dream that could not be achieved at any time in our lives.

Things changed seismically in 2011 when an 18-year-old virtual reality enthusiast named Palmer Luckey put together a prototype unit called Oculus Rift, this device caught a developer named John Carmack (who programmed the Wolfenstein and Doom games in Id Software), and the two worked together to create a better prototype, which was exhibited at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in 2015 and became an immediate success.

Since then, there has been a great development in the world of virtual reality, as companies such as HTC and Sony have come together to create their own augmented reality lenses. Mobile groups such as Samsung have also adhered to the technology, making their phones compatible with VR, and now several million people worldwide have access to this technology in some respect.

Virtual reality and online casinos

Once consumers started adopting VR, it was not long before casino groups began investigating how they could integrate technology to create a new vertical that would attract gamblers to gambling slots games . Today, some big companies like Microgaming and Net Entertainment are working to see how they can develop games that allow players the opportunity to play in simulated environments while the reels spin in front of them.

Alea’s SlotsMillion Casino was the first major online betting site to adopt VR, and they have the software available for download from their website. Officially, the VR casino only supports Oculus headphones, but players have found ways to play with HTC Vive and Playstation VR headphones connected to PCs. It seems that digital technology has developed in such a way, helping each player to better appreciate every role offered, not least when they play at online gambling tables.



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