NETGEAR Product Reviews: EX8000, XR500, and SX10

Thanks to amazing people at NETGEAR, we have been sent three awesome products to check out and give product reviews for them. This will be one big article covering all three of the items that we got the chance to check out, and test. I was super impressed with everything that was sent over, and I’ll go into detail why in each of the three sections of this one big review. The first NETGEAR product I got my hands on was the EX8000, so I’m going to start with this NETGEAR product first.


NETGEAR’s EX8000 is a Wi-Fi range extender, and it could not have been sent at a more perfect time. In my house, the Wi-Fi signal can get incredibly weak and with the introduction and use of smart home devices and other devices being connected, it’s only going to get weaker and weaker. I also have a room that is quite far away from the router, so this was the perfect way to really test if NETGEAR’s EX8000 is going to give the improved Wi-Fi speeds that are advertised. They don’t just promise improved speeds, they promise super improved speeds, so I was more than excited to get this tested. I got out the instructions, and got it set up pretty quick using WPS, so extra points there for the hassle free set up. Once I finished setting it up, I tested many different devices like the Xbox One online, and it was running online games smoother than I’ve ever seen it. As mentioned previously I’m in a room that’s well away from the signal, so I’m used to pretty bad speeds, disconnections and lag during online games. I’ve tried other extenders before, but either they didn’t work at all or provided a not so noteworthy boost in the Wi-Fi signal.

The design of the EX8000 is simple, neat and would not look too out of place. However it’s finding the perfect place that will be the problem as it’s quite large in size, so if you’re looking for something that’s a little more compact then this isn’t going to be the one for you. If you have the space then it’s an easy recommendation. It should also be mentioned that the cost of the EX8000 is quite on the expensive side, but you’re going to be getting a very high quality product which is why the price, although expensive, is quite reasonable for how effective it was.


Next up, I got to try out the XR500 which is a gaming router, which NETGEAR themselves are quoted as saying it’s designed for “the ultimate gaming performance” and when I tested this amazing piece of hardware, I truly believed it was giving me the ultimate gaming performance. Like the EX8000, it was a simple set up and it was straight to testing out how good this piece of hardware is. Not only did I find that it helped with my performance on online games such as Fortnite, but it was also incredible for streaming whether it was gaming based streams on YouTube or Twitch or whether it was watching video’s on Netflix as high as 4K quality, and there was never an issue, no quality dropping or buffering, it was playing like it wasn’t even a stream. On top of being a beast of a product, it’s design also make it look like a beast gaming product. Once again like the EX8000 it’s a pretty big piece of equipment so make sure you have the room necessary to have it in the correct area. It’s also a lot more pricier than the EX8000 so if you’re on a budget it might be a tough sale, but if you’re looking for an amazing gaming router then it’s got to be the XR500.

Here’s a look at what it features.


  • Gaming Dashboard — View real-time bandwidth utilisation by device
  • Geo Filter — Limit distance to servers or other players
  • Network Monitor — Identify applications that could be causing lag
  • Quality of Service — Prioritise gaming devices over others to prevent lag spikes
  • Gaming VPN — Support your existing VPN service
  • AC2600 Dual Band Wi-Fi — Fast and reliable Wi-Fi
  • 4x Gigabit Ethernet Ports — Maximised wired speeds
  • Dual-core 1.7GHz Processor — Support multiple devices and demanding traffic
  • 2x USB 3.0 Ports — Access media or connect a printer



And lastly, I tried out NETGEAR’s SX10 which is an Ethernet switch which again promises high performance, smoother gaming with reduced latency and ping. After another easy to do set up, I was once again really satisfied with this product, most impressively having 2 10 gigabit Ethernet ports for the most impressive of speeds. YOU are also in control with the SX10 also having software that makes everything as easy as just a single click, it has all the important data like real-time bandwidth usage for all 10 ports, making it easy to keep it all in control and set to your personal settings. The design is simple but looks amazing, and it features a fully customizable RGB LED system for the lights on the SX10, I’m a huge fan of RGB LED on gaming products whether it’s mouses, keyboards, or even a Ethernet switch! It also has premium metal case that has the kind of durability that is impressive. This piece of hardware will once again come at a price, but if you want serious quality then it’s going to come at a premium but worthwhile price.


Overall Thoughts

I was super impressed with all the products that NETGEAR had sent over for review. They are admittedly expensive items, but the quality that you are getting has to be taken into account, I’ve owned the items for a while now, and they are still working perfect and look great thanks to the great and durable designs of each item. The set ups of each item were some of the easiest I’ve ever had to do for a gaming product, which is a major plus when you just want to get right into using the products. I’ve rarely used these types of products before, but I couldn’t imagine going back to what was the norm before after using and review them, online gaming and streaming has never ever been this great before. I can’t recommend these amazing products enough, if you have the budget go buy them today, you will not be disappointed.

Overall review: Highly Recommended products 

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