4 Things You Need for Gaming on the Go

If you’re a die-hard gamer with a need to play wherever you are, you need to have 3 things to game on the go. Mobile apps have come along amazingly in the last few years alone but even the most popular games often need: an internet connection, headphones and a great mobile phone. 

From the simple games you play to chill out and relax, to the more intense games that require full concentration (looking at you, Fortnite!), mobile gaming is a great way to take 5 and play on the go. But, whether you’re just out and about in town or you’re taking a long and dull train ride, you’re going to need a few things to make your gaming experience worthwhile. 

Find Your Internet Connection

3G and 4G are great for gaming but unless you have a great contract that understands your needs, you are likely to rack up some serious bills while playing. SMARTY Mobile is a good place to start as they offer a wide range of deals including an unlimited package for £18.75 per month and 25% off for life (offer ends 22nd October 2019). 

Having access to 4G is usually the best way to keep up with your game anywhere you are but you should also look for wifi where you can. Lots of places now offer a free wifi connection, particularly coffee shops and cafes. This is ideal if you are travelling and need a bit of refreshment at the same time! Finding free wifi doesn’t have to be left to chance either, as this list shows a wide range of areas with wifi on offer. 


Lots of games are great while silenced but if you’re the kind of person who likes to get really into their game, headphones are a must – especially if you are in a public place. There are few things as annoying as listening to someone else swipe at random fruits with a sword when you’re trying to mind your own business! 

Some of the best gaming headphones are brilliant for gaming at home but when you’re out, you need something a little more portable and, if you’ve not got a headphone jack, with a Bluetooth connection. Sometimes, simple travel earphones are enough but if you’re into music as well, you might have a preference for something a bit fancier. 

Mobile Phone

Sure you can text, you can call, you can even send emails but all of this pales in light of the fact that there are some great games apps out there and they need a cool screen! Some of the best mobile phones for gaming have a lot of cool features but many lack a headphone jack, limiting your choices there. 

A good rule for finding a gaming phone is to look at the quality and the size of the screen. Lots of games are designed to look amazing and some even use HDR. This means that if you want the game to look and feel as it was designed to, you need the kit to make it happen. Phone screens seem to be getting larger by the day but that doesn’t always mean better. 

RAM is also pretty vital and the more GBs you can get, the better. If you are on the move a lot and don’t fancy carrying a battery pack, you also need to look at the length of time the battery can run while you are gaming. The last thing you need is for your phone to switch off while you’re in the middle of playing! 

The Games!

Obviously, if you want to play games, you’ll need to download them to your phone! But choosing the best games for travel isn’t quite as easy as you would think. Let’s take the wifi problem as a great example – if you’re going to be a passenger on a long journey, you won’t be able to rely on a solid internet connection so having a few games that don’t require any internet at all is a good idea.

You should also try to find a few different styles of game depending on the mood you’re in. While Fortnite is great for a few rounds, something like Monument Valley is a much better way to relax. Some of the best mobile games are beautifully designed, regardless of their genre and many will keep you occupied for a good while too. 

Getting the most from your mobile games will certainly keep you occupied when you’re out and about and with these essentials, you really can’t go wrong.

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