Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Arrives on January 23, 2020

Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered will launch on the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and iOS and Android on January 23, 2020.

One of the cool new features of this version is that it will have Cross-Play so you can play with others on different platforms. You can watch the new Tokyo Game Show 2019 trailer below and read more about the game.

Long ago, a giant meteorite fell on the land, and deadly miasma blanketed the world. Crystals keep the miasma in check, but the crystals’ power is not eternal. Young adventurers embark on a journey once a year seeking “drops of myrrh” to purify the crystals. These are the chronicles of brave young adventurers who journey to protect their home. These are the “Crystal Chronicles.”

New Features:

  • Online multiplayer for up to four players.
  • Play across different platforms with the cross-play function.
  • Added challenging new post-game dungeons and bosses.
  • Added new variant character skins for each tribe.
  • Added new items to equip.
  • Newly recorded theme songs “Kaze no Ne” and “Hoshizukiyo” by Yae.
  • Newly recorded narration.
  • Newly recorded character voices.

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