Places in Borderlands 3 where you can make a ton of money

The land of Pandora is massively spread out so there are a lot of places to discover and many enemies to kill, but for that you need to have some money. A little fortune of Borderlands 3 money for yourself that you acquire from these places in Borderlands 3 game can ease your difficulties when you might be in trouble.


In the proving grounds you have will have to arrive because after you finish the main campaign you will find yourself in a pickle with your BR3 money situation in Borderlands 3 because you need ammo and gear to be upgraded.

The proving grounds are a great place to acquire money and rarer loot so there are three waves of enemies followed by a boss, the quicker you beat it the better the rewards are.



In this arena you will be able to play singularly or your teammates against enemies arriving in waves and with each wave they will be getting tougher, within the game if you find yourself at a point where you can spare some time, you should definitely go to the circle of slaughter to gain some experience and just kill



The Graveward is one of the formidable bosses in Borderlands 3 which is a great way to farm for BR3 money, most of the time he will throw out legendary material and Borderlands 3 money for you to acquire. The Floating Tomb on Eden-6 is where you’ll find him, he is a tough foe so you will have to go through some trouble to defeat him, so you could buy some great grenade mods that will deal a lot of damage.



Located on Eden-6 at Jakob’s Estate is the Servant Lift area where a Loot Tink can sometimes spawn. Before the patch, the ‘Loot Tink’ was a guaranteed spawn, but after it, it has become a most likely spawn. Once after it is triggered it has a lot legendary gear that you can sell for a high profit and also has BR3 money.



Like the loot tink, the Chupacabratch also was a guaranteed spawn and after the patch it has suffered the same fate, but it truly is a tough enemy to farm for Borderlands money. It’s found in Athenas, Athenas near the graveyard where you will have to go through some Ratch to reach the Chupacabratch and you would want to shoot in the mouth for critical damage and it will deal out legendaries and credits.


Jakob’s Mansion on Eden-6 in the Floodmoor Basin is a great place to gain loot after completing the side-quest you can get access to the interior of the mansion where there are two chests with great loot and if you sell them and restart you will end up near the chests again for picking. 


This is the best way to make money is Thieving Jabbers. In Floodmore Basin near the spawn point you will find through the cave thieving jabbers which hold barrels when shot spill out Borderlands 3 money for quite some time and then at the end you kill them to obtain sometimes even legendary loot.

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