Best online slots to test out

The slot game has come a long, long way since it was just that flickering machine in the corner of your local pub. 

Then well known for swallowing pound coins and paying out for the same group of ‘in the know’ regulars, you would rarely see a game with more than 3, 4 or 5 reels and certainly not expect anything of the 3D or video slot variety – follow this link to play the game.

The rise of the best slots in the gambling industry

Yet, in the thriving world of online gambling, such slot games gave quickly become the norm. The rise in popularity has directly impacted the level of quality in the modern online slot game, as the online gambling industry in general is going through a strong period of growth right now in financial terms and other ways, too. 

The increase in money going into online slots has led to more money being spent on their production, with developers pushing the very boundaries of what makes a slot machine. New themes, new layouts, unique gameplay and incredible graphics are becoming more and more common, plus they are enjoyed by the masses, too, thanks to functionality and optimisation across all platforms, including smartphone. 

The only problem for online gamblers looking to play online slot games is choosing what game to play. Luckily, that is where we come in as here, we provide some of the best online slots online right now. Ranging from a classic slot that everyone should know, to more contemporary slot games with the finest graphics, this is your go-to stop before you get going in the exciting world of online slot games. 


If you like a classic slot game then this could be for you, as the age old fruit machine gets a very modern makeover here. 

Fruitoids uses fruit from outer space as the symbols, bringing a really unique layout that allows you to win in several ways. The result is a wonderfully flowing slot game experience that is generally highly rated by the entire slot game community. 

A low minimum bet and optimised performance on smartphone are yet more reasons to play Fruitoids. 

Rainbow Riches – Irelands best online slot

This Irish themed slot does a popular theme very well.

 So successful is Rainbow Riches that is has spawned a whole series of Irish themed slot games with the same name. But this is where it all started, as this 5 reel slot offers several bonus games and a hefty jackpot that has made many fall in love with these friendly leprechauns. 

Penguin City 

No one does graphics and gameplay quite like Yggdrasil, as this well known developer always puts it’s all into the visual side of it’s slot games. 

More specifically, they have a knack for making games that use some very fun animated penguins and perhaps Penguin City showcases all of this the best. A 5 reel game, the production quality of this one is very high, with super smooth animations, functionality across smartphone, tablet and desktop, making for a fun, inclusive and extremely popular offering of an online slot.

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