Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Season 2 Pass Out Today

Developer nWay has announced and released the Season Pass 2 for their fighting game Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid.

The second season pass is $14.99 and is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It should be released on the Nintendo Switch on September 27. Today also marks the release of the game on PC and of course it has cross-play support with the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions.

The second season pass includes three new fighters and a new skin. The free update today also includes a new stage and new ultra attack. You can read about the new fighters and the 1.5 patch notes below.

  • New Characters:
    • Anubis ‘Doggie’ Cruger – Power Rangers S.P.D. (Available Now | $5.99) Anubis ‘Doggie’ Cruger is the commander of Space Patrol Delta on Earth. Also known as the Shadow Ranger, he is a master swordsman who is able to use a variety of blade attacks from short and long range.
    • Eric Myers – Power Rangers Time Force (Available in October | $5.99). Eric Myers worked for the Silver Guardians as a simple soldier but eventually claimed the Quantum Ranger powers for himself and was able to travel back in time and claim the power of the Q-Rex Zord. Quantum Ranger is a long-range fighter that utilizes blaster shots and teleports to harass opponents from a distance. His offense greatly increases when his Quantum Defender is switched to blade mode.
    • Dai Shi – Power Rangers Jungle Fury (Available in November | $5.99). The evil spirit of an ancient eight-headed dragon, Dai Shi was imprisoned long ago until his seal was broken. Dai-Shi is a highly agile melee fighter that boasts unique movement options and attack angles unavailable to the rest of the cast. He is an effective fighter grounded or airborne.
  • New Character Skin: Tommy Oliver / Mighty Morphin White Ranger (Available in October | $1.99). Play as the first White Ranger with Saba on his side.
  • New Arena: Space Patrol Delta Base (Available Now | Free). Battle on the training grounds of the command post for S.P.D. Academy.
  • New Ultra: Delta Squad Megazord (Available Now | Free). S.P.D. Emergency! Call up the power of the Delta Squad Megazord to assist your team in battle.
  • New Banners (Available Now | Free): Unlock new banners featuring art from the new characters and Story Mode.

New Features

  • First character of Season Two Pass – Anubis Cruger
  • New Megazord S.P.D (free content)
  • New S.P.D. Arena (free content)
  • Today we begin the first episode: “Shadow”. Episodes replaces the previous leaderboard system. In Episodes, you can earn episode-only banners to show off your skill. Every 4 weeks, we will feature a unique new episode with unique new banners. Play online in Ranked to climb the leaderboard and earn those S tier banners!
  • Combo counter announcements added! Players are now rewarded for performing MORPHINOMENAL combos! Additionally, iconic Power Rangers sound bites are triggered when combos of 30 hits are higher are scored.
  • New grounded KO animation added (crumple effect).
  • Vertical camera tracking dramatically improved, with much better tracking when following characters performing aerial combos.
  • Improved sound effects for several knockdown hit reactions.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with Megazord attacks failing to produce Impact sound effects.
  • Crouch and crouchback inputs are no longer two different animations.
  • Jump inputs now correctly force the character to face the correct way when jumping. E.g., holding up-left while facing right with the opponent behind you will always give you a jump-forward jump to the left.
  • Fixed an issue for Nintendo Switch causing inability to remap buttons
  • Added additional controller model support for Xbox and PS4
  • Fixed an issue where Lord Zedd was not counting toward character level based Achievements/Trophies and banners.

Known Issues

  • Lord Zedd’s forward Special (“Prepare the palace” putty attack) is unblockable when colliding with a jumping opponent. This issue will be addressed in the next combat update.
  • Issue with screen dim visual effects (EX, Swap Strikes) not playing properly. To be fixed in the next combat update.

System-wide Combat

  • Throw startup and throw teching have been reworked. All normal throws now start-up in 6 frames, down from 11.
    • There’s now an 11-frame throw break window after a throw connects. If the throw receiver inputs the throw command during this window, the throw is broken.
  • Multi-phase EX attacks (i.e., everyone’s but Lord Zedd’s) no longer KO when blocked.
  • Swap Strike command changed to down + Special + Assist 1/2, greatly improving quality of life for players attempting to use their Special attacks in conjunction with calling assists.
    • Swap Strikes can still be performed defensively and as a reversal, with downback + Special + Assist, the way most players use it.
    • Input leniency on valid Swap Strike input reduced from 5F to 3F, further reducing accidental Swap Strikes when trying to call assists and perform Specials at the same time.
    • Input leniency on EX attacks and Supers reduced from 5F to 3F when used as a reversal or buffered command.
  • Successfully connecting with a multi-phase EX attack (i.e., everyone’s EX attacks excluding Lord Zedd) now grants full invulnerability, making them more useful as counterplay to assists and Megazord attacks.
  • Certain attacks that cause a spinning knockdown are now limited to 2 per combo to mitigate the amount of corner loops some characters can perform (e.g., Gia’s crouching medium > crouching heavy loop).
  • All jumps now have 3 “pre-jump” frames.
    • You can no longer become airborne on frame 1 while recovering (from wake up or blockstun, for instance).
    • You can block during pre-jump. However, overhead attacks and low attacks must be blocked correctly. Specifically, overhead attacks must be blocked with the correct left or right input, while low attacks must be blocked with the correct down-left or down-right input. This means if you attempt to “up-back” an overhead or jump attack during your pre-jump frames, you WILL get hit.
  • Dashing can now be canceled with crouching on frame 1, with most characters.
  • Jump-canceling from launchers and anti-airs reworked. After connecting with a launcher, inputting up-back performs an up-back superjump, up performs a neutral superjump, up-forward, a superdashjump.
  • Standing and crouching pushblock now have some amount of recovery (10 frames). Additionally, the last frame of pushblock animation clears all blockstun. Pushblock window increased, allowing for “late” input pushblocks after blocking an attack.
  • Juggling hurtboxes improved; e.g., it’s much easier to perform juggle combos against victims falling from high launches.
  • Most knockdown states are no longer immediately invincible, so it’s now possible to catch juggle hits off of spikes, spike bounces, and flying knockdown hits. For instance, you can perform a launch into a ground bounce, into a launch, then as you spike your opponent into the ground with another jumping heavy attack, have an assist (like Kat’s) come in from below you to catch the enemy before they hit the floor.

Tommy Oliver (MMPR Green)

  • Nothing.

Jason Lee Scott (MMPR Red)

  • Neutral Special (parry), counter frames reduced. When Jason successful counters an attack, his attacker becomes crumple stunned, open to almost any kind of follow-up combo.
    • Jason now gains a few points of armor after the counter portion of the attack (during his sword thrust).
  • Improved standing heavy 1 and standing heavy 2 hitboxes.

Gia Moran (S21 Yellow)

  • Health reduced to 950, down from 1000.
  • Increased recovery of forward Special attack, mitigating certain corner loop combos.
  • Back throw now causes a combo-able spike bounce hit reaction.

Ranger Slayer

  • Super attack has been reworked. Super is now a flying kick that transitions into a cinematic sequence on hit.
  • Can now use EX as a reversal attack when landing from forward Special attacks.
  • Improved standing heavy 1, heavy 2, and heavy 3 hitboxes.
  • Improved spawn position of nocked forward Special > medium arrows.
  • All command normal arrows (back medium, forward medium), can now be canceled into EX attack on whiff.

Kat Manx

  • Standing normal attacks reworked.
    • Standing light 3 (double claw slash) removed. Its animation has been moved to standing heavy 1.
    • Standing light 2 now causes spinning knockdown.
    • Standing heavy 1 (hop kick) replaced with standing light 3 (double claw slash).
    • Standing heavy 2 (sweep) removed and replaced with standing heavy 1 (hop kick).
    • New command normal: forward heavy (hop kick).
      • Causes wall bounce when connecting against airborne and juggled enemies.
      • Can be canceled from standing heavy 1.
  • Neutral Special 1, neutral Special 2 (Kat scratch): juggle properties improved, nearly guaranteeing all 3 hits if the first hits.
  • Assist attack hitboxes improved, now hits 7 times total, like her normal Special combo.

Magna Defender

  • Super: reduced number of invincibility frames.
  • EX attack: increased recovery to mitigate loop-ability.
  • Back medium (unblockable spartan kick) is no longer unblockable, now deals 90 damage, and no longer causes high damage scaling. He also gains several points of armor during the kick.
  • Forward medium (overhead chop) is no longer cancelable into crouching heavy.
  • Crouching medium: increased recovery.
  • Standing heavy 1 hitstun increased, allowing it to combo into forward Special.
  • Fixed an issue with canceling standing heavy 1 into back Special.

Lord Drakkon

  • Super: shockwave now persists beyond Drakkon’s state, and will continue to travel even if Lord Drakkon is interrupted (i.e., if he’s hit out of the attack animation). Reduced number of Super invincibility frames.
  • Improved standing heavy hitbox.
  • Forward Special > medium (slide) now causes a limited version of spinning knockdown (max 2 per combo).


  • Crouching heavy recovery increased.
  • Goldar can now cancel jumping attacks with his airborne Special (with a minimum height requirement).

Mastodon Sentry

  • Forward Special (Mine) reworked.
    • Mastodon Sentry can now throw his mine. Holding Special throws the mine across the battlefield, while tapping Special tosses it nearby in front of him.
    • Causes limited spinning knockdown (max 2 per combo).
  • Standing light hitstun reduced. Can no longer chain standing heavy from standing light.
  • Back medium (anti-air) blockstun reduced, recovery increased, making it much more punishable when blocked.
  • EX attack animation improved (aesthetic change only).
  • New Swap Strike animation. No longer lunges forward with a shoulder attack, and instead boots his foes off screen.
  • Super attack counter frames improved, making it more likely to counter meaty attacks.
  • Fixed an issue with throw animations connecting but not properly grabbing Mastodon Sentry’s Super attack.
  • Fixed an issue with airborne Special causing a spinning knockdown instead of a normal juggle hit.

Cenozoic Blue Ranger

  • Fixed a cancel issue that prevented Blue Ranger from whiff canceling crouching light into crouching light.


  • Forward Special: third hit now causes a “reverse launch”.
  • Airborne Special: third hit now causes a spinning knockdown. Adjusted projectile timings to give Udonna slightly more frame advantage.
  • Standing heavy 1: increased hitbox size.

Dragon Armor Trini

  • Standing heavy 1 now applies 2 points of armor on frame 3 of the attack.
  • Super: reduced number of invincibility frames.

Jen Scotts

  • Fixed an issue that allowed Jen to cross up a cornered opponent with forward jumping medium.
  • Neutral Special (boomerang blade): last hit now causes a spinning knockdown hit reaction (limited to 2 per combo).
  • Back Special (not-so-hidden missiles) causes a slightly higher pop-up effect on juggle hit. Increased hitstun frames by 2.
  • Improved jumping heavy hitbox to match visual effect.
  • Fixed an issue that could potentially cause a softlock while using her EX time warp special.

Trey of Triforia

  • Super damage increased slightly, with final hits dealing unscaled damage.
  • Forward special hit reactions reworked.
    • Hitbox height of forward special > special (Gold Rush) greatly improved.
    • Forward special > special causes a spinning knockdown (limited to 2 per combo), opening up better mid-screen combo paths.
    • Airborne special (dive maneuver) now starts with a slight double-jump. Sliding effect when landing reduced slightly.

Lord Zedd

  • Health reduced to 1000, down from 1050.
  • Forward dash recovery reduced by 2 frames.
  • EX attack: reduced invincibility, blockstun, and pushback on block.
  • Back Special: hitbox width increased slightly.
  • Forward Special: putty’s initial hit now correctly applies an airborne and grounded hit reaction.
  • Airborne Special: hitbox, jump gravity, and startup improved. Zedd doesn’t bounce as high before crashing down.
  • Standing light 2 now causes ground bounce.
  • Standing medium 2 recovery reduced by 1 frame when following up with standing heavy.
  • Crouching medium: increased hitbox height.
  • Crouching heavy: fixed an issue that allowed Zedd to cancel into special attacks when crouch heavy is blocked. Increased recovery.
  • Standing heavy: slightly decreased hitbox width. Increased hitbox height of second hit so it’s more consistent in juggles.
  • Jumping medium: slight range decrease. Second hit now properly causes a spinning knockdown hit reaction.
  • Jumping heavy: decreased hitbox width and range, and first early hit no longer counts as a an overhead (can be blocked low), while the second hit does must be blocked high. Recovery of normal attacks after landing from jumping heavy increased significantly.
  • Assist invincibility duration decreased from 11 to 7 frames.
  • Standing heavy 2: fixed an issue that allowed kara canceling.

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