Gaming Companies Realising the Value of Offering Ways to Game for Free

Part of the incredible story that was the rise of Fortnite: Battle Royale was that it made over $1 billion by being a free-to-play console game going on to be a cross-platform title. The phenomenon of Fortnite came after many years of gamers being devoid of ways to try top-class games for free, let alone access them for free. But over the last few years, it appears as though more publishers and platforms have come around to either offering the whole game or a way to test the game for free.

Not only are there now viable methods of monetising free games, made popular by the mobile gaming industry, but publishers are finding that allowing people to try their titles for free tends to result in more players becoming invested in the titles rather than avoiding them all together at full price due to doubts that they’ll enjoy the game. Now, there are four very different ways that two of the biggest gaming platforms are allowing their gamers to enjoy their newest, best, and quirkiest titles before fully investing.

The classic way of demos as well as free-to-play games

The innovative hybrid console of the Nintendo Switch was a latecomer to this home console generation but has been making up for lost time with a packed schedule of top-class, triple-A games, a plethora of indie games, and a diverse offering of free-to-play titles and demos for their biggest releases. While there are free games like Fortnite, Super Kirby Clash, Pokemon Quest, and Warframe, the biggest of them all has to be Tetris 99. The refreshing take on the classic title has even been hailed as the best battle royale game yet, as you can see by clicking here.

Nintendo provides a very player-friendly platform and they realise that, while they boast many classic franchises, they are often quirky enough to not be wholly appealing to all gamers. So, they’ve made sure that over 200 Switch games have a free demo offering. As you can see when you click onto their games storefront, the likes of Daemon X Machina, Dragon Quest Builders II, Yoshi’s Crafted World, Pokemon Let’s Go, and Fitness Boxing are all free to try.

Free plays on popular games and a way to try all games for free

One of the biggest gaming platforms in the world right now, in terms of popularity and library of games, is that of online casino gaming. The classic games have evolved in the online space, now offering a game in a theme or variant to suit pretty much any would-be gamer. Knowing that people are generally hesitant to part with their cash to play a game simply based on its image, online casinos now offer a wide range of different ways to try out the games with free goes or bonus funds.

The primary three of these bonuses are the free spins, which are often fixed to the website’s most popular games; no-deposit free spins which don’t require any input to claim; and bonus money. You can click here to see more and find the perfect offer for you, but most lean towards the bonus money offers due to them offering free roam around the gaming pages, with players using the bonus money to try any game that takes their fancy.

The Nintendo Switch and online casino platforms have come around to letting players have some free game time in the hope that it leads to them wanting to play the games even more in the future.

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