Journey For Elysium Developers Offer Deep Dive Into The Game’s Development

Mantis Games, a Belgian indie game studio, has released a series of articles and videos, offering a detailed look into their development process. They’re currently working on a story-driven VR adventure, Journey For Elysium, set to release soon.

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Chapter 1: Genesis

In their first developer diary, they go through how the game was conceived and the struggle of bringing the project to life.

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Chapter 2: Mechanics

In the second chapter, they explain the different mechanics in the game and the extra hurdles VR development offers.

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Chapter 3: Art

In the third update, they talk about the unique black & white artstyle and the inspiration taken from Gustave Doré paintings.

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Chapter 4: Story

In the final chapter, they lift the veil on the narrative. Inspired by Greek Tragedies and ancient Mythology, the VR adventure takes you through the Ancient Underworld.

More about the game

Journey For Elysium is a story-driven VR game inspired by Greek and Roman mythology. Players will take on the role of an unnamed hero who has passed away. He finds himself on a boat in the Underworld trapped between life and death. In order to reach Elysium and obtain redemption, the mysterious traveller must use all his wits and skills in a series of increasingly elaborate twists and challenges. Along the way, he will discover more about his past.

Key features:

Art style: enjoy the black and white art style inspired by the paintings of Gustave Doré. The high contrast art style fits best in recreating the desired atmosphere of the underworld. In addition, you will find golden highlights here and there, which will guide you further along the way.

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Puzzles: Journey for Elysium brings back the excitement of classic adventures games of the 90’s and revamps them for a new era. Look for clues and solve an increasingly complex range of puzzles, challenges and tests to move the story forward.

A lot to discover: immerse yourself in a rich world, grounded between history and myth. Explore breathtaking environments and unravel surprising facts of the Classical antiquity. Connect with your senses to this VR storytelling experience.

Journey_For_Elysium - Screen 2

Mechanics: travel on the river Styx and explore the underworld with the rowing mechanic, the most important travelling method in the game. This natural way of transportation feels very comfortable and immersive.

Two modes: when you are not rowing, you can experience two different ways of moving around. The Immersive Mode lets you walk through the world via the analog controls, whereas the Comfort Mode lets you teleport around the world to avoid any VR motion sickness for people prone to it.


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