From Fruit Machines to Gamification Slots

No matter how old you are, for sure you have already witnessed a few parent-child scenes where the only solution a desperate parent could find to make their child stop crying was to quick start a game on the smartphone. And how often do we not find ourselves doing the exact same thing to ourselves when we find ourselves boredomly waiting in a queue. Well, you know exactly what we are talking about. Kids and adults alike, react well to fun means of engagement and motivation. This is knowledge well used by the gaming industry as they make billions every year on games that just keep on getting better and better in terms of keeping us motivated by implementing elements of “gamification”. Moreover, games today are not reserved for a certain age group. More and more passed midlife adults discover games like Fortnite and adults overall play games online like never before.

It is what the industry calls “gamification” that is considered the reason for why more and more people seem to love to get lost in endless hours of online gameplay, no matter if it’s social gaming, gambling for real money or for fun or video games. So, let’s find out more about this practice and what it means for the player of simple games like slot machines, in relation to today’s generation of gamblers.

What Is Gamification?

Originally, the terminology of gamification used to refer to the act of employing elements of engagement found in video games in new fields like education. The idea of keeping the gamer motivated was vital for game developers but a new way of thinking when it came to other areas like how to motivate students. Today we are back to the gaming industry where different types of games now become a target for gamification. Older, more traditional games like slots, or “pokies” as they are called “down under”are modernised with fresh game mechanics in order to encourage players to get more involved in the game. For example, introducing a new problem players can solve – new obstacles to jump over in the classic Super Mario video game. If you are familiar with the Zynga platform and their Farmville title, you must know what we are talking about. Players are required to complete various farming quests to win points while going from one level to the next. Now compare this to the things a casino gamblers does online, on a web venue. Add the potential money win for gamblers and you should understand what is the main difference between casino games and social games.

Social Slots Games

While slot machines will continue to be played for money at casinos, social gaming has grown considerably during recent years and slot games are very popular. In fact, statistics place them close to their video counterparts. While it is true that video slots are extremely exciting when played against real money, the free alternative provided by social slots comes with a series of elements that the classic video slots do not have. The top-notch graphics, music, sounds, gamification elements in the form of free bonus rounds all contribute to a more pleasant gaming experience. Plus, social slots games allow players to choose their preferred RTP, while enjoying free gifts, hourly bonuses and many more similar perks. The ability to unlock new games or invite others to play in exchange for a reward is also a gamification element that ensures the success of these games.

Gamified Slots Games

Passionate fans of the simple and classic fruity slots games can also rejoice as more and more casinos have started introducing the gamification technique. In other words, they are turning the game into a fully immersive experience for each gambler with the help of visual rewards in the form of cool music playing while the screen is showered with coins when winning, level up options when accumulating a certain number of points or coins, mini-games that can be played within the same game and more. Can you imagine starting to play a classic game of fruity slots on your smartphone and be suddenly prompted to start a brand new – and different – game at some point? Just think in terms of “pick me” bonuses or “spin the wheel” types of games.

Sure regular video slots offer similar features, but gamified games implement elements of engagement by the player that are not found elsewhere. For example, these games features achievement based features and not only high-definition graphics combined with music that is gradually interrupted by exciting tunes every time a player achieves something within the game. Players are allowed to go on a virtual mission and reach levels like the King Arthur’s castle in the game of Avalon (by Microgaming), where they need to receive blessings from the Lady of the lake, then loosen up playing a mini-game.

Unfortunately, the gamification of slots games can also make them very addictive. It’s possible to lose large amounts of money when you become immersed in the game, determined to reach the next level no matter how much it costs. Luckily, many casinos now offer PayPal as a payment method, which gives you much more control over your money. PayPal allows you to set limits on the amount of money you can spend in one go, and also gives you tools to help track your spending. Head to a site like Slots wise to find a list of casinos offering PayPal as a payment method, and stick to these casinos if you’re a fan of casino games. They’re much safer than other casinos, and allow you to keep your gaming fun.

The New Gamified Casino Alternative

The idea of making more engaging games is quickly spreading to developing complete “gamification casinos”. This means that the achievements are not only within the games but within your gaming account as such. Simply put, gamification is meant to reach the pleasure centre inside the human brain and turn gameplay into something a lot more rewarding and engaging. A gamified casino relies on will this technique in the form of comp points for loyal, bonus rounds with extra prizes and special game missions that are prone to make players more interested in the game. Some casinos offer spectacular promos, player avatars, comp point systems, double-speed chips, huge progressive jackpots and the list goes on.

Developers have smartly incorporated various elements that are more motivating and stimulating than ever. They are constantly looking for ways to draw more players and hold on to their existing ones – and they are not shy to use melancholic game elements to address certain public segments they want to engage more. Among them, we have mentioned fruity slots lovers who remember one-armed bandit slot machines that were a huge hit a few decades ago. If you visit any web casino today, it is practically impossible not to come across at least a couple of classic fruity slots titles on the menu but once you load the game you are up for a modern surprise.

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