Carnage Tower Review (Xbox One)

As a huge fan of Xbox gaming, I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t give creators collection games much thought. For those unfamiliar, creators collection games are usually from solo developers, with somewhat basic concepts and are very cheap. What seems to turn most gamers away (myself included) is that they do not support Xbox achievements or online play. Nevertheless, a fun game is a fun game; which brings me to the challenging arcade shooter, Carnage Tower. This shooter supports up to 4 players, has 100 random floors to tackle and plenty of unique guns. It’s an intuitive concept, affordable and will likely pay for itself after a single gaming night with your buddies.


When the game begins the objective is simple; kill all the enemies, enter the elevator and progress to the next floor. As you would expect, the levels increase in difficulty as you go on. The player controlled character can run, jump, shoot and somersault to reach high platforms. Mowing down enemies causes them to drop food items which are used to increase your health along with special item boxes. Some common item examples were an automatic turret, fireball, a gigantic stomp move and even a negative effects box that you will surely want to avoid. If you can kill enough bad guys in a short enough time span, a meter on the right side of the screen will fill, unlock temporary perks and allow you to unleash a screen wiping reaper bomb. Throughout your run, skills can be upgraded in the areas of: speed, health or damage.


It’s important to note that you must play the entire tower in one sitting, either until completion or death. I understand where the developer was going with it, but I was feeling some game fatigue after about 30 levels. I would have at least liked the option to save and return where I left off. Player movement is smooth but I did find the somersault jump to be a little clunky at times in addition to your character not automatically aiming the direction you’re moving. Despite these peeves, the button layout is so simple that players of all ages and skills can jump in and enjoy.


Graphically, what you see in the screenshots is what you’re getting. There’s nothing here that is going to blow anybody away, and that’s okay. There is currently a Halloween themed re-skin of characters, which is a nice surprise. In addition, a large update is promised in November 2019, which will shift the art style to hand drawn and some more in-depth level design. I love it when developers continue to add and tweak their games after release, so kudos to Gensart for that.


In addition to classic mode there is also party mode which consists of five coperative and competitive takes on the game. Bleed essentially curses players with continuous bleeding and loss of life, players must keep an eye out for health items to stay alive. Carnage Combat ditches the guns and forces players to tackle the tower with melee moves only. Murder Match is a classic PvP mode. Boss Rush is pretty self explanatory and New Floor New Gun changes the players weapons with every floor. The amount of replay value you will get out of these modes will vary on your preference, but the fact that 5 extra modes are included in addition to the main game is impressive.


Final Thoughts:
I firmly believe that you can never have too many party games in your collection. When a group gets together it is always nice to have choices that are accessible to all players. Carnage Tower is one of those games. You likely won’t see me spending dozens of hours trying to tackle the 100 floor gauntlet, nor will it be at the top of my favorite games of 2019. What it will be, however, is a game that may get attention when novice gamers and I want to get our hands on something simple and fun. With a MSRP of $1.99, there is very little risk in trying out Carnage Tower. I’m looking forward to the changes in the November 2019 update as well.

A copy of Carnage Tower was provided by the developer for the purpose of this review.

Carnage Tower





  • Great replay potential
  • Intuitive for all gamers
  • Fun couch co-op


  • Not nearly as fun playing solo
  • Must be played in one sitting
  • Somersault jumping is iffy

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