Nioh 2 Launches on PS4 on March 13, 2020; Open Beta Begins November 1

Publisher Koei Tecmo and developer Team Ninja have announced that Nioh 2 will release on PlayStation 4 on March 13, 2020.

You can get your hands on the game much sooner though as the Nioh 2 open beta begins this Friday, November 1 and runs until November 10. Just go to the PlayStation Store on that day and download it. Players who have save date from the original Nioh on their PS4 will be able to use Nioh protagonist William in the open beta. Don’t have the first game? Well it was announced earlier today that Nioh will be free in November for PlayStation Plus members so be sure to download it when the store updates next Tuesday.

You can watch the new trailer and read more about the game below.

All players will be able to experience new elements such as our extensive character customization feature, our newest weapon—the Switchglaive, and so much more.

As you begin the beta, you will enter into a place called the Interim. Unlike the dojo tutorial from the previous game, the Interim is a safe zone where you will be able to choose your weapons, test out the basic moves and transition to a real stage when you are ready.

This place was designed and based on the Tibetan Buddhist concept of intermediate, transitional state between life and death. I’m actually very fond of the environment we created which is modeled after the Sanzu river surrounded in tranquility (similar to the river Styx from Greek mythology).

As you move on from the Interim, you will start your journey in a stage called Sunomata. This stage is based on the Sunomata castle which by some accounts was constructed in just one night by Hideyoshi. The experience will be an interpretation of historical actualities combined with a healthy injection of Yokai adventure!

In addition, this new stage will treat you to an impressive environment covered in autumn maple leaves. In a similar fashion to the cherry blossoms stage (The Village of Cursed Blossoms), we had the great fortune of highlighting another stunning time of year within Japan’s four distinct seasons.

If you are skilled and fortunate enough to conquer the beta, you will earn The Mark of the Demon Slayer—a reward entitling you to unlock the Kamaitachi Helmet from the in-game Shrine to use in the full game when it arrives next year.

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