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One of the biggest growths in sports betting has been around the world of eSports. This is a growing market, with more and more eSports players appearing around the world, more tournaments being created and more people taking this seriously. When a sport of any nature grows and improves in stature, more often than not, betting on that sport also grows and that is exactly what we are seeing.

At the moment, eSports betting is only available on the big tournaments that we see taking place around the world, though we do have an increased amount of these now so there is plenty to choose from for punters. These events bring together the very best players, either for national championships or worldwide events. Sometimes we see team events taking place while others will involve individuals playing for themselves with the hope of taking home a huge prize.

The one thing that these big eSports events have in common is that people bet on them. You can bet on eSports in a number of different ways, just like you can with other sports. This means you can back the outright winner as well as being able to back who wins individual battles on selected maps if you wish, so you can really narrow down what you are betting on if that is a tactic you like to use.

Just like any other sport, those who have the best knowledge on eSports will do the best when it comes to betting, look at best esports betting sites. One of the really big advantages of betting on eSports is that because this is still a new betting sport, the bookmakers are still learning all about it, just like you are. If you have a great range of knowledge then you may know as much as the bookmakers, or possibly even more and this is when you can really start to take advantage.

The world of eSports is different from most other sports, as it has not yet established itself properly as either a sport or a sport that people bet on. This will eventually come, but before it does then there is a chance for punters to make some money. If you have good eSports knowledge then you are likely to know just as much as your bookmaker, if not more than them.

This means your analysis of the battles taking place will be better than theirs and you can take advantage of the errors they make when creating the prices says stakehunters. This isn’t something a football punter could do for example, as the bookmakers have their own footballing experts who are highly knowledgeable in their chosen area, and tough to beat.

Esports betting looks certain to grow over the coming years, as more events are created and more people give it a chance. This should take it to a much wider audience in the future but for now, there is an opportunity for those who are known to make some money as they are likely to know as much, and possibly even more than their bookmaker.

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