Final Fantasy VII Remake Confirmed to be Exclusive on PS4 Until March 3, 2021

Ever since Square Enix announced Final Fantasy VII Remake we knew that it would be exclusive to PlayStation 4 for a certain amount of time, we just didn’t know how long. Well thanks to updated box art we now know just how long it will be.

The new box art shows that the game will be exclusive to PlayStation 4 until March 3, 2021 so a whole year.


Final Fantasy VII Remake launches on PlayStation 4 on March 3, 2020. Let us know if you’ll be waiting a whole year to play it on other platforms.

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  1. So much for Xbonex having the best console version Xbots. The best console version will be on PS5 before 2020 is even over. But then, Dragon Quest XI, is out a long time now, isn’t exclusive to PS4 but there is still not even a hint of an Xbox version of it.

    • I favor PS over Xbox and I also look forward to this game but I can tell you right now the majority of gamers do not care about this game.

      • They don’t care about the best game ever made?

      • Err…. sure, whatever you say. And yet it will easily sell 5 million units on PS4 alone by June next year.

        And in some way I agree with you. Like the way not a single Xbot cares for Dragon Quest XI right now, but they will if it was announced for Xbox tomorrow. Oh not to buy it OR even play it for 3 seconds on game pass, just to feel better that Xbox is actually a relevant console worth owning.

        And that is the EXACT same thing for FFVII Remake. Kingdom Hearts III’s 85% sales on PS4 over Xbone, proves they didn’t care about it either but this sort of support ends up coming back to bite them later when Square Enix doesn’t even bother bringing a game to their preferred gaming console.

      • I don’t think I’ve ever come across a more misinformed and idiotic post.

  2. 2021 on Xbox LMAO

    • More likely PC and Switch. How many games have Square Enix skipped an Xbox version but brought to PS4 or Switch or PC in 2019 alone. Answer, loads. Continue to wait. Its all you did this gen. Wait for features, wait for games, wait for next gen.

      Its nearly 2020, where is Dragon Quest XI for Xbone LMAO? Let me guess “just you wait, while I ironically do all the waiting”.

      One more burn. 2021 on Xbox? November 2020 on PS5 LMAO

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