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Single-person online games are quite a popular activity. A lot of these kinds of internet games revolve around puzzle solving, some of which fall under the solitaire umbrella. Mah-jong is one such game. As a variation of solitaire, Mah-jong reveals a board of 144 tiles to a player. A number of these tiles have matching signs. The objective is to gather all of the signs that match. After matching tiles are chosen, they are taken off the board. Tiles continue to be matched by the player until the whole board becomes clear.

Also available is a Mah-jong game that isn’t related to solitaire. Although the tiles used to play the game are the same as the ones used in contemporary Mah-jong, it involves completely different rules. This game isn’t so popular in the west as it is in China, though. It generally involves four players. Once the game begins, a handful of tiles are distributed to each player. The objective here is to have low-point tiles passed to your opponents. At the game’s end, the player who has the greatest amount of points is declared the winner.

There is very little information out there about the individual who created the traditional edition of Mah-jong, nor are there any details about its origin date. With that said, 15th-century card games containing the same Chinese signs are evident on contemporary Mah-jong tiles.

“Squabbling sparrow” is what Mah-jong translates to an English. This likely is because of the sound heard when stones are mixed together – a noise akin to the one sparrows make in the midst of a squabble.

There is more information out there regarding the contemporary version known as Mah-jong Solitaire. The initial version debuted in the year 1981 in the USA by Brodie Lockard, a software developer. From there, a number of bigger software companies, such as Activation and Microsoft, gave the game their own spin. As a result, more people than ever became aware of it. Once the internet took off, Mah-jong Solitaire surged in popularity, to the point where Mah-jong Solitaire can now be played for free online ( You can play immediately with a full-screen on your browser. This online game will work on any device – tablets and laptops included.

It won’t take long before you realize how much fun playing Mah-jong Solitaire can be.

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