Best in Slot Defence Items in Old School RuneScape

Old School RuneScape is an MMORPG where a player can choose their own path to greatness. On that path they will encounter monsters whose health bars need depleting in order for a player to move forward. These facts are obvious. However, while it is obvious that you need to dish out damage to slay a monster, it is sometimes less obvious that you also need to be able to take the punishment as well. This is why today we’re going to delve into the topic of defense, namely best in slot defensive gear.

Best in Slot Melee Defense Items in OSRS

We’re starting with the melee first, because those who brave to tread the path of a warrior almost always take hits as well as hit themselves. While rangers and mages can sometimes overlook their defensive needs, defense for warriors is vital.

Justiciar set is hands down the best armor set currently in the game. The head, chest and leg pieces are very good on their own, but the whole set grants a bonus that further increases its defensive capabilities. Requirements: 75 Defense

All set pieces drop from the raid Theatre of Blood.

The BiS Defense neck piece is Amulet of Fury. It can be made by enchanting an onyx amulet using level 6 Enchant which requires 87 Magic.
The BiS feet slot is Guardian boots which require level 75 Defense to equip.
The BiS back slot is Infernal cape which requires to complete the Inferno.
The BiS off-hand slot is Ancient wyvern shield which requires 75 in both Magic and Defense. Consider Elysian spirit shield, Spectral spirit shield, Crystal shield for crush, magic and ranged defensive bonuses respectively.
The BiS hand slot is Barrows gloves which require 75 Hitpoints to equip. Consider 3rd age vambraces for magic defense bonus. They require 65 Ranged and 45 Defense to equip.
The BiS ring slot is Ring of suffering which requires 75 Hitpoints to equip.
The BiS main-hand slot is Zamorakian hasta which requires 70 Attack to equip. Consider Kodai wand for Magic defense (75 Magic) and Maple blackjack (30 Defense and Thieving) for crush defense bonuses.
The BiS two-handed item is Dinh’s bulwark, which is a shield. It requires 75 Attack and Defense to wield.

Best in Slot Defense Items for Magic

As a mage you mostly wish to avoid taking damage while at the same time absolutely devastating your opponents. For that, mages opt for defensive gear that also provide magic attack bonuses.

Ancestral robes are currently the best for mages. They can be obtained from the Chambers of Xeric. Head, chest and leg pieces all require 75 Magic and 65 Defense to wear.
BiS neck piece is 3rd age amulet which requires 70 Magic and 30 Defense to equip.
BiS feet slot is Eternal boots which require 75 both in Magic and Defense.
BiS back slot is Imbued god cape which requires 75 Magic to equip.
BiS off-hand slot is Arcane spirit shield which requires 65 Magic, 75 Defense and 70 Prayer to wield.
BiS hand slot is Tormented bracelet which requires 75 Hitpoints to equip.
BiS ring slot is Seers ring.
BiS main-hand slot is Kodai wand which requires 75 Magic to wield.

Best in Slot Defense Items for Ranged

Similarly to their magic using brethren, rangers also prefer to slay their targets at a distance. However, some situations demand defensive measures and what’s better than being able to protect yourself while also doing plenty of damage to the opponent.

Currently Armadyl armor set is the best for ranged. It can be obtained in the God Wars dungeon. All set pieces require 70 Defense and Ranged to wear.

BiS neck slot is Necklace of anguish which requires 75 Hitpoints to equip.
BiS feet slot is Pegasian boots which require 75 Ranged and Defense to equip.
BiS back slot is Ava’s assembler which requires 70 Ranged to equip.
BiS off-hand slot is Twisted buckler which requires 75 Ranged and Defense to wield.
BiS hand slot is Barrows gloves.
BiS ring slot is Archer’s ring.
BiS main-hand slot is Armadyl crossbow which requires 70 Ranged to wield.
BiS two-handed slot is Heavy ballista  which requires 75 Ranged to wield.

Keep in mind that these items are BiS for Defense. Sometimes your choices may be different, depending on your situation and need. However, such powerful items require a lot of resources to acquire, namely time and gold. While you can’t buy more time, you can buy OSRS gold. There is no reason for you not to have these incredible items just because you’re short on gold. Adventure awaits!

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