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There’s probably no need to tell you that anything can be an inspiration for a video game. The variety of themes and topics is truly amazing. While there have been different genres since the first days of gaming, but the range of possible inspiration topics for video game developers has never been broader. All branches of gaming, so to say, have become more diverse. Here, we like to draw your attention to one particular type of gaming – online slots.

Back in the days when there was no internet and no online casinos, slot games were pretty basic. All games featured pretty much the same symbols and similar winning combinations. Bells, 7s and fruits, those were all the symbols that you could see on the reels of slot machines.

Most of these old slots featured just three rows and a single payline and a combination of three instances of the same symbol had to appear on the reels for a winning combination to be completed.

Things started to change quickly since the establishment of the first online casino in the 1990s. Soon after, online slots developers, thanks to improved technology and software capabilities, started releasing much more diverse games, in terms of symbols, winning combinations, bonus features and pretty much everything.

Egyptian themed slots

The most impressive kind of variety was the variety in terms of themes. While it was not thar difficult to predict that video games will become very diverse, but even the biggest slots fans couldn’t predict how different slots would get in a matter of few decades.

The Egyptian theme was probably the first mainstream slots theme. The original Cleopatra slot by IGT was released long time ago, back in 2006, but it is still popular and played by many. In the upcoming years, dozens of other Egyptian slots have been released. And other Ancient civilisations and cultures have been an inspiration for online slots developers. Irish themed games are particularly popular, as well as games featuring Roman deities, heroes and generals. But you will also find game like Book of Dead slot that are loosely based on historical events, or in this case a particular historical figure, but the slot developers also implemented certain original and unique elements and features. In a way, Book of Dead also features an Egyptian theme.

Slots based on video games

Now a genre of slots that might prove to be most appealing for you – slots based on video games. There are quite a few online slots based on video games. One notable example is Hitman, a game of which multiple sequels were released. The slot game achieved a great degree of popularity. Tomb Raider is another example of an online slot based on a video game, but it is hardly surprising that there’s a video slot based on it, considering that a film based on this time was also released several years after the video game.

Call of Duty is regularly listed as one of the leading first-person shooters, and the slot based on it also became one of the most played online slots. Street Fighter is another such example, and there are plenty of online slots that are inspired by video games but are not exactly based on them.


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