5 Winning Tips for Casino War

Casino War is arguably the simplest card game you can encounter in any casino. Usually, it is played with six conventional decks, each comprising fifty-two cards. However, numerous casino software options run the Casino War game using one deck of cards.

The cards are ranked from 2 to the Ace. Let’s take a look at the basics and pro tips on playing this card game.

How Is the Game Played?

Before learning the winning tips on how to enhance your proficiency in Casino War, it is important first to fully understand the gameplay. A player initially places a bet. After that, the dealer offers the player one card and also takes a card for themselves.

These cards are then compared while ignoring the rest. The player who ends up with the highest cards wins.

If both the player and dealer have cards of a similar rank, the player has an option to either “Go for war” or surrender. If you opt to surrender, you will be refunded half the value of the initial bet, and it marks the culmination of that particular round.

On the other hand, if the player decides to “Go for war,” they must place an extra wager of equal value to the first bet. After that, the dealer discards/burns three cards and then offers a card again both to themselves and the player.

The final result is decided similarly as before, whereby the party that holds the highest card wins. What’s more, if there is a tie, the player is considered the winner anyway.

Advice On How to Become a Seasoned Expert

Even though Casino War is one of the simplest casino games, you still need a solid plan to reduce the house edge. It might sound easier to leave all things to chance, but it is not a prudent strategy if you are betting on Casino War using real-world cash.

Nevertheless, becoming a master at Casino War is not rocket science. You only need a few simple but useful tips to keep in mind to begin making the correct moves automatically.

Since you have already been given a sneak peek on the basic game rules, the next step is to sharpen your skills. It is essential to utilize the following Casino War tips to reach the best results.

Avoid Side Bets

Far from the standard ante bet, Casino War allows you to place an extra bet during a tie. Initially, it may seem to be quite a good idea. The reason is that it holds a pay of 10:1. Nevertheless, side bets are generally useless.

The probability of getting a tie is extremely difficult. The Casino War game needs six decks that offer both dealer and player equal opportunities to win. Thus, mathematical logic dictates that both of them bear a 46.3% probability of attaining victory.

As such, the chances of hitting a tie when playing Casino War are merely 7.4%. Worse still, upon making your side bet, the house edge tremendously rises to over 18.5%, and that’s a huge risk.

Never Surrender

During a tie, there are only two options, to go for war or surrender. You have a higher probability of winning if you let go of the notion of giving up.

It is because surrendering a hand when playing Casino War makes you lose half of your wager. What’s more, in case you surrender during a tie, you give the house a 3.7% edge. Upon going for war, the edge drastically falls to a paltry 2.8%.

Therefore, when you persevere, you still have a 50-50 probability of winning. However, you have to make a separate wager equivalent to your initial bet before proceeding with the next round.

Beware of the Aces

An Ace represents the highest value card in this particular game. An ideal strategy is to pay close attention to the intervals when the Aces are laid out by the dealer.

In case you haven’t spotted an Ace after a while, it might soon appear. Thus, upon getting it, you either gain a win or get stuck in a tie.

Of course, you can’t be sure when an Ace will come. Nevertheless, the most efficient strategy while playing Casino War is to be extremely alert as you closely monitor cards that have already appeared. Thus, you will know whether to expect an Ace or to base your strategy on the other cards.

Use Small Wagers

Just like any conventional real-money gambling, Casino War gives an extra advantage to the house. Many a time, it is a matter of minimizing your losses, though you will still lose eventually. With this knowledge, do not go beyond your means, even when on the adrenaline rush waiting for the Ace.

Try to stay calm, even when you are affirmative that the succeeding hand will be your lucky one. What’s more, if you gain victory, you only win based on your bet amount.

Mike Tan, a partner at OnlineCasinoGems, supports the approach of making small wagers by first-time casino way players. “First-time gamblers should practice playing Casino War online with small wagers to sharpen their skills and increase their winning chances before playing pro in Vegas. You will learn faster and avoid losing large chunks of money.”

Know When to Quit

With the knowledge that the house always has an advantage over you, it would be highly beneficial to understand when to call it quits. Decide on a specific moment when you consider it appropriate to cash in the chips. In most cases, it is best when you still have some cash at hand.

When the quitting moment arrives, leave the table, whether you are in the red or black. What’s more, you should play Casino Wars with moderation, meaning avoiding gambling with amounts of money you can’t afford to lose. It can be psychologically devastating.

Final Remarks

We believe that the tips helped to give an overview of how to maximize your chances of winning in the Casino War game. So, don’t shy away from the Casino War table in your next Vegas trip, or online in your favorite poker room. Try your luck, and you may be the next big winner!

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