Pinball FX3 – Williams Pinball: Universal Monsters Pack Review – PlayStation 4

Get your paddles warmed up because Zen Studios has recently released a brand new pinball table pack for Pinball FX3 and this one has a bit of that spooky flavor to it. This latest pack is the Williams Pinball: Universal Monsters table pack and it includes two tables from the ’90s, one being the Creature from the Black Lagoon and the other being Monster Bash. Are these two tables worth the price of admission?

Williams™ Pinball: Universal Monsters Pack

When you purchase both of these tables you’ll find that you can play them either in the way the tables originally were or with newly updated visuals. One thing I was a little disappointed by was the fact that you only get two tables in this pack which is priced at $10. Now a lot of thought and care went into both of these tables don’t get me wrong but it just is less content than we’ve come to expect from a table pack from Zen. Moving past that though and onto the tables themselves I’ll talk about Creature from the Black Lagoon first.

When you get this table up and running you’ll notice the creature at the very center of the table right away making you feel it is ever present. Like I said you can play with the original visuals or the newly updated ones neither of which is a bad choice. That creature is far more detailed now though if you use the modern visuals which is what I mostly played with. The missions on the table seemed fairly easy to understand and complete and out of the two in this pack it’s for sure the more approachable one. This table is based around being at a drive-in and you’ll encounter missions based on things related to a drive-in as well as all kinds of fun references.

Williams™ Pinball: Universal Monsters Pack

Monster Bash is another great table and one that was much more challenging than the Creature table. To me this table seemed like it was easier to fail on than many others making me doubt my pinball skills more than I already did. When I was able to keep the ball in play for a length of time though I was starting to put up a good score in a quick amount of time. The table of course has many different missions on it and they had me interacting with many famous monsters including Dracula, the Wolfman, Frankenstein, the Mummy and more. Something else worth mentioning about both tables and probably why I feel they are harder than others is the fact that there are no other paddles on them except for the two located at the bottom. Those who have grown use to hitting the ball around with paddles in the top and mid portions of the table will have to adapt to a whole new play style on these.

Of course with both of these being part of the Pinball FX3 experience you naturally get all that that entails as well. That means that you get a very slick menu interface to buy and select them from, options to view the online leaderboards and compete against others, and the ability to earn XP as you play and level up and thus unlock things like multipliers. It’s a great framework that Zen has already built so naturally any table released is going to have the benefit of having all of this cool stuff to interact with.

Williams™ Pinball: Universal Monsters Pack

The Universal Monsters Pack for Pinball FX3 is fun but with it only offering two tables it’s not one I would recommend to rush out and buy. One table is a bit easier while the other one is a bit harder to get good at and that could end up disappointing some players. One thing that can’t be argued though is that neither of these tables has ever looked better than they do here. If you’re up for the challenge and don’t mind only getting two tables for the higher price than add these to your collection.

*The Williams Pinball: Universal Monsters Pack add-on is available now for Pinball FX3 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Reviewed on a PS4 Pro. Review copy provided by the publisher for review.

Williams Pinball: Universal Monsters Pack





  • These two tables have never looked better and are full of fun details
  • Lots of spooky classic horror monsters
  • Physics feel great and Monster Bash especially will challenge your pinball skills


  • Only getting two tables is a bit of a letdown

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