Straimium Immortaly Review – PlayStation 4

Straimium Immortaly is a new dungeon crawler/roguelite/shoot’em up from publisher Digerati and developers Anthony Case and Stage Clear Studios. This game arms you with a jetpack and a ton of weapons and sets you loose in its colorful pixelated world to blast all matter of aliens.

Straimium Immortaly

The game takes place in a world called Cubicus and has you hunting down an evil queen and her army of minions in order to destroy them. The writing in the game can be funny at times but it’s not written as something you’d expect to hear from an adult. The game starts you off with a brief tutorial to teach you the ropes. The controls are easy to learn and felt responsive to me although they are a bit weird in the sense that you can only fire your gun to the left and to the right. Not being able to fire at enemies above or below you didn’t feel right to me especially when there are other things in this game that already make it difficult enough to stay alive.

Straimium Immortaly

As a shoot-em-up the game works well but the screen can be a bit too busy and it can be hard to know what on screen is an enemy attack and what is just an item in the background. This game is very vibrant with color and that’s what makes knowing what is going to hurt you on screen hard to judge. On screen you also have a health meter, a meter for your special weapon, and a currency count. If your health runs out it’s game over and you’ll have to restart. Blobs are currency in this game and they can be spent at shops along the way in order to buy new skills and upgrades for your weapons. The levels are all randomly generated too so if you do die you won’t be playing through the same looking rooms again. Because of this some of my runs ended really fast as I encountered very difficult rooms right away while other runs gave me a bit more luck.

Straimium Immortaly

This game does give you quite a lot of options in order to change up the playing experience though. There are mutators and other settings you can mess with that can do things like change the size of the dungeon you play and such. You can also type in certain seeds to get a particular kind of dungeon. Enemy variety is really good too and boss fights provide a good challenge where you’ll have to learn their pattern to overcome them. All enemies, bosses, items, etc are also tracked in a handy compendium which is useful to refer back to.

The visuals in the game I do like when they aren’t causing me to die. It’s a very colorful game and somewhat trippy as well. The retro sound effects and music were also enjoyable. The game has a huge trophy list with 55 in total including a Platinum. This one will likely be a challenge to finish as you’ll have to finish the game under a ton of different conditions to earn them all.

Straimium Immortaly

Strainium Immortaly is a bit of a mixed bag to me as it has a lot of things I like but also some things that make it feel a little unfair. I didn’t like that you can only aim left and right and while I like the visual style it can make it hard to tell what is an enemy attack which caused me to fail runs that I probably wouldn’t otherwise. The random generation also means you can get dealt a bad hand right away and have to start over again. That said there is a lot of variety here in every part of the game so if you enjoy the gameplay you can get a lot of mileage out of it.

*Straimium Immortaly is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Reviewed on a PS4 Pro. Review copy provided by the publisher for this review.

Straimium Immortaly





  • Random generation means you'll always be fighting through new rooms and enemies
  • Lots of weapons, items, and skills to use
  • Mutators, seeds, and other things give you lots of ways to customize the experience


  • Screen is far too busy which makes staying alive really hard
  • Since levels are randomly generated you can run into failed early runs often
  • Didn't like that you can only aim two directions

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