Impact of prolonged slot gaming

‘It is just a game’, ‘I can manage with it’. How many times did you defend yourself from people claiming you spend too much time on online slots?

Every time you stop playing, you need to remind yourself that ‘it was fun while it lasted’. As soon as you finish, you have to move on and do something else. And that’s one of the things SlotsRacer promotes, responsible gaming.

There are conscious players and there are not. Some players dedicate a limited time to games, some others think that the more they play, the better they become at it. The latter category can even spend several hours playing up to forget the world around them.

This is not advisable. Indeed, spending many hours playing can have serious consequences in your personal life.

Here you are some impacts prolonged exposure to slots can have on you and on your life. 

Five impacts of playing slot games for too much 


You are out with your friends or partner and you can’t stop blaming yourself for having lost. This has caused you to lose all your money. You can’t wait to go back home, log into your favourite casino and start to play again to get everything back.

You run out of money but can’t renounce playing. You even borrowed some money from your best friend or from a relative to catch up with all your losses.

As much you can pretend it is not your case, these are all signs of addiction to online gaming.

The symptoms of depression 

Anxious, irritable, sad, depressed. You feel these symptoms every time you lose.

You are convinced that to balance your mood and come out from this terrible feeling, you just need to take another win.

This is not the solution. In the case of these symptoms, you need to ask for some help.

The fun stops 

You still remember the first time you played. It was so fun. That moment of enjoyment made you feel alive.

All of a sudden, that fun stopped and you don’t enjoy yourself anymore. Playing is now just routine to you. This happened because you started doing it too much.  

Money means nothing to you 

‘How much is £100? I can easily catch up with all the money lost today’ ‘It’s just money’.

If you recently stopped caring about money, maybe you are playing too much. 

Difficult relationships with people around you 

Your partner doesn’t get you anymore. Your friends say you are not the one you used to be.

The relationships with the people around you have become difficult. You think they have become stranger to you. Have you ever thought that the one who changed can be yourself?

Maybe you have spent too much time playing and neglected them for too long.

Time to take your life in your hands!

Final thoughts 

Playing slots can be amazing when done with moderation. If you notice it became an obsession for you or some of your friends, draw a line and ask for help.

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