Intel Vs AMD – Which One is Good for Casual Users?

While making a purchase for new systems, people often get confused about the features and specs. Your selection for the type of processor is going to make a considerable difference in the overall performance of the system. There are two major choices: Intel and AMD. In order to ease your decision about which one is good for casual users, we have provided a detailed discussion below.

Prefer to go through these details, and you will soon be able to avail of incredible returns from your investment. 

Desktop Processors:

Let us start with the desktop processors first. When you go for buying, upgrading or building a PC, the cost factor plays an important role. Select of right CPU that may serve your specific needs may decide the amount you may have to pay to the vendor. 

From the past few years, AMD processors were available at lower prices and they used to serve with lower performance as well. However, the latest generations are much advanced in terms of CPU operations. Although AMD processors are always considered as budget-friendly options; the costly and powerful alternatives are also available to beat the performance of Intel. 

If we talk about the lower end of the scale, the Intel and AMD chips are priced somewhere between $40 and $60. The price varies with clock speed, energy efficiency and a couple of cores. If we look at the high-end systems, they both have chips worth $500. 

At present, Ryzen 9 3950X from AMD is the king in the industry; it comes with 16 cores and can execute 32 threads at a time. The suggested price for this model is $749. On the other side, the top gamer from Intel is 9900K that is designed with 8 cores and serves 16 threads at a time. The clock speed for this system is little higher with 5GHz single-core boosts; whereas it is limited to 4.7 GHz in case of AMD. The price for this Intel system is $472. 

In case if you are looking for some middle-range options, Core i7-9700K is available for $359 and Core i5-9400 can be purchased for $145. In the case of AMD, Ryzen 7 3700X is the best choice with 8 cores and 16 threads. 

Those who are looking for multithreaded performance can think about AMD Threadripper and Intel Core i9.

Laptop Processors:

The laptop market presents a whole new story. Most of the systems available in the market these days are powered by Intel processors, and they come with integrated graphics. The portfolio of Intel systems is considerably large as compared to the AMD systems.

AMD is working hard to bring a few new systems into the market; they are expected to hit the market in 2020. Few latest offerings include 15-inch Surface Laptop 3 and Acer Swift 3. But it is important to understand that the Laptop market at present is dominated by the Intel processors. One can look for multiple generations; the latest ones into the market are 10th and 11th gen systems. Some of the most suitable solutions for casual users in the market are the latest generations of Core i5 systems; however, Core i7 is suitable for those who demand little higher processing power. The power and performance also vary with the price of the processor. LaptopDiscovery recently published a post about Intel i3 vs Intel i5 vs Intel i7, and according to the post, people who use more process-intensive programs like Adobe Premiere Pro or After effects tend to buy Intel Core i7 for a smoother performance. You can take a look at the complete overview here.

Gaming Systems:

There are millions of buyers in the market that are looking for extremely powerful systems that can support their high-end games. For those, selection of CPU may be a great challenge. Note that most of the Intel processors come with on-die integrated graphics. But it is important to mention that their performance is not as high as the stand-alone graphic chips or the advanced add-in graphic cards. 

At the same time, most of the AMD desktop processors don’t have integrated graphics. The systems with such capabilities are usually known as Accelerated Processing Units. Such type of chips combines Radeon graphics cores with Ryzen CPU cores on the same die. Hence, they promise enhanced graphics abilities; however, have a weaker performance for general processing. 

No matter whether you plan to invest for AMD or Intel, you may need to spend $200 to $350 for buying a mid-level processor for gaming. However, the top tier models with higher frame rates are above the $500 price range. 

The serious gamers prefer to use discrete GPUs or add-in graphic cards instead of the integrated ones. In such situations, Intel dominates the market with its higher gaming performance. 

Which one to buy?

We must say that the latest AMD chips like Ryzen CPUs are amazing contenders; however, the 9900K, 3800X and 3900X models give a budget-friendly solution for gamers. Moreover, the multi-threading performance of AMD processors is also rated high; hence, it makes little hard to recommend Intel for gamers. In case if you want to enjoy games only, 9900K and 9700K can be the best CPU choices for you. However, if you are into other things as well, except gaming, Ryzen 3000 chips may serve you better.

The mid-range Ryzen processors can be also considered; the Ryzen 3600X and 3600 systems offer desirable performance for gaming. 

The great news is that Intel and AMD have recently partnered to create some combination chips where Intel will be contributing CPU cores and AMD will be designing GPU cores, and they all will be added to the same die. Such machines can be more powerful for high-end users. 

We cannot announce any one of them as a clear winner because the performance usually depends upon scenarios in which they are allowed to function. AMD CPUs can offer amazing performance with reasonable value for most of the tasks. Although Intel also offers some great solutions for casual users; but they need to lower their prices. 

While making the decision for buying any of these models, you should think about the performance and price. If you can afford Intel chips; they can definitely ensure your great performance in the long run. 

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