Odds of Casino Jackpots Explained

One of the most lucrative casino games are the progressive jackpots from video slot machines. These are life changing sums of money ranging up into the millions. If you wanted to get in on the action there are a few things you need to know about casino jackpot games at King Casino and one of the biggest kept secrets are the odds. Find out more about these odds to better your chance of unlocking it the next time you play a progressive video slots game.

How Modern Slot Machines Work

An RNG (random number generator) has been developed in the release of each new video slot for jackpot purposes. This machine has one sole purpose and that is to ensure fair play by determining winning combinations which pays out the jackpot. Programmers can also develop slots with different winning combinations which would determine who won the jackpot.

Some symbols will fall into a winning combination twice as often while other developers would program a larger jackpot amount to only come up every so often and rarely land winning combinations. This is also why progressive machines might not payout as frequently as lower RTP% video slots, but when they do the amount won is more often than not, a staggering amount.

How Progressive Jackpots Work

The progressive jackpots are the biggest jackpots as there are a number of machines linked to one jackpot amount which continuously grows. For each deposit made by a player, a small percentage of that is added to the progressive jackpot which is why it is continuously changing when you look at it.

What is a Payback Percentage?

If you want to know what the odds are of winning, you need a little insight as to what a payback percentage is and how it works. This is a big part of the odds as the payback percentage is the key amount of spins you play before a winning combination pays back. This is what the odds are based on and depending on the developer and RTP percentage, payouts are determined by this. The payback percentage of slot machine may vary but one thing is for sure, none of them have a percentage of 100% payback. The casino needs its money to and this is referred to the house edge. So although you may stand a good chance of unlocking that jackpot, the casino stands a better chance of collecting a profit from each of your deposits.

Odds of Other Jackpot Games

Each game varies in odds and while some games offer the house the advantage over the player, there is always that smidgeon of chance that favours the player. The odds are calculated by how much skill you have in these games. The more skill the better the odds are in favour of you. Jackpot amounts are usually large and the odds of winning are never really in favour of the player but chance will have it that there will be a player, even if it’s one in every 100, who stands to win which places the odds in favour of you.

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