Advantages and disadvantages of online games: a growing phenomenon in the world

The online games fever is already present throughout our country. Online games are a phenomenon that is always interesting to learn despite all the controversies inherent in them.

It is known that there are more than 430 thousand people who have already developed a disorder of gambling (that is, a mental problem that affects the individual by making him play compulsively, with the consequences that this could reach have for your personal end and for all your surroundings).

When we talk about online games, we mean basically the online slots or the casino that is played through the Internet. One of its main problems is that it is much more complicated to control the individual (since you can play perfectly from home) and of course, establish a diagnosis that prevents the thing from getting to go further.

There are even more players who have this problem, but not everyone recognizes it and would need help before they developed it. They also ensure that there are many others that are in the process of developing it.

It is also very important to hear the opinion of experts in the field, such as psychologists. They believe that preventive and corrective measures must be implemented to help protect minors who are affected or may be affected by this condition. And we are talking about a disorder that has already been recognized as a disease, in the same way that alcoholism or cancer can be.

Without further ado, we have classified the most common advantages and disadvantages of online games.

Advantages of online games

Striking: They have very striking interfaces and broad navigation details that, according to the data that are handled, are capable of stimulating several senses at the same time.

Coordination: It has also been shown to favor visual and manual coordination, which stimulate the memory and retention capacity of certain data. It helps users to be more active and interactive, promoting interactivity.

Curiosity: They also foster the curiosity and investigative spirit of those who play it, increasing attention and the capacity for self-control.


Opportunities to get large amounts of money: In cases of online games that include bets, they allow each player to get a certain amount of money as an award for a certain level of play. Some online gambling games such as those provided by provide opportunities for many people to play and have fun while fighting for money.
Disadvantages of online games

Addiction: This is the great disadvantage that we have been mentioning throughout the whole article. If you don’t play them with control they could generate addiction.

Disorders: They can generate different disorders, such as sleep and the worst of all is that the user does not always realize that he has it.

Supervision: It would require constant supervision of a friend or family member to avoid doing in the addiction they entail.

This is all you need to know about online games.

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