The Biggest Secrets in Fantasy Games 2019

Last year was undoubtedly a brilliant year for gaming, with many new video and online games released, as well as some of the best slot sites and casino sites launched and revamped. 2019 was a great year for fantasy gaming in particular, with games such as, A Plague Tale: Innocence, Final Fantasy XIV, Mordhau, Disco Elysium, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice being released. And, within these fantasy games, there were some pretty awesome Easter eggs which had fans doing a lot of talking.

A Plague Tale: Innocence

In a short and sweet summary, this popular fantasy game is set in the South West of France during the hundred year’s war. The English have just invaded, and an infestation of rats threatens to spread plague throughout the country.

A PlagueTale: Innocence is ultimately a game of stealth, where you are almost continuously on the defensive. The aim is to keep yourself completely out of sight and to escape, with the main focus of the game being less action driven and much more on storytelling and puzzle solving.

The Easter egg which has had many fans talking comes in the final chapter of the game, where characters Amicia and Hugo are shown walking through the streets of a small village. Amicia wins Hugo an apple in a slingshot carnival game, then the pair walk away back to their carriage. After a short conversation, the camera zooms out and you can see where it is the children are headed to — the shoreline where they go to get on a boat. Whilst this may initially seem like nothing much, the game’s publishers lately held an event teasing a number of upcoming projects. It was even announced, alongside a teaser image, that they would be publishing Asobo’s next game, and it just so happens that it is the image of that same boat the children are seen heading towards at the end of the game…. In a very subtle and clever way, Focus Home, the game’s publisher, and Asobo have already revealed to their fans that the sequel to A Plague Tale: Innocence is on its way, so it’s understandable that fans are a little more than excited about this particular Easter egg, and pretty proud of themselves for working it out.

Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV was especially popular with some fans because it incorporated a long list of hidden throwbacks to its predecessors. The game franchise was first launched back in September 2010 and is now host to over 16 million players worldwide.

The latest installment of the game features a number of brilliant and nostalgic Easter eggs. In Final Fantasy XIV, players control the “Warrior of Light”. This isn’t the same Warrior of Light from the original game, but players do share some of the same characteristics with the heroes from the very first game.

This latest installment of the game has also got fans excited because whilst Fran, everyone’s favourite Viera, has previously made a cameo in FFXIV’s Return to Ivalice alliance raid, players can now create a Viera of their very own to play as with the latest Shadowbringers expansion.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

This game is packed full of secrets and exciting Easter eggs. For example, as an avid player of the game, you would most likely have been traveling all over Ashina, from one Sculptor’s location to another. However, what not many players know, is that there’s actually a hidden map. Simply press Y on the Xbox One Controller, or Triangle on the DualShock 4. The vintage map will pop up and show you each and every location in the land.

As another example of the games many surprises is the Mibu Balloon of Wealth that hovers by the rice lady. As you burst it, special dialogue is triggered in which the rice lady praises your devotion, and gifts you with divine confetti.

Disco Elysium

Disco Elysium is another great fantasy game that has its fair share of little secrets. Allegedly, as a player searches for Ruby, the red-haired member of the Hardie Boys, if their shivers ability is high enough, they are able to trigger a thought or feeling in the barren field by the fishing village. Now that this thought is considerably longer than most others encountered in the game, the player is able to ask for the four cardinal directions as well as asking directly: “Where is Ruby?”.

With 2019 being such a great year for fantasy gaming, fans have got their hopes set high for 2020. With E3, as always, bringing tons of release date announcements,  it looks as though they won’t be disappointed.

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