Negative Effects of Video Games on Development of Creative Writing Skills

The rapidly growing popularity of video games in recent years gave rise to multiple disputes and discussions about their negative effects. The most common of them are connected with violence and impact on social behavior. But there’s also one problem, which needs attention. Scientists suggested that video games may have a negative influence on children’s creativity. To be exact, on the creative writing skills. Video games are deeply rooted in the life of modern children and adults. 

It’s impossible to eliminate them. So, our task is to consider them in-depth and reduce negative effects, if they are. To be creative is an important feature of personality. The notion of creativity is ambiguous. Being creative means being able to produce a lot of interesting thoughts and ideas. Creative writing is a vital skill for all students. They all should write essays from time to time. And to create a top-notch paper without being able to produce creative ideas is impossible.

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How Video Games Can Worsen Creative Writing Skills Development?

Many college and university students have difficulties with essay writing. And the indicators are getting worse from year to year. Of course, it’s not always connected with the abundance of video games, some people have no ability to write interesting texts. But scientists tied this declining with online games. There is a lot of research and points of view on this problem. Some scientists state that games only contribute to students’ creativity.

But they can affect the creative writing skills not directly but implicitly. Firstly, video games are time-consuming.  At the same time, all professionals know that any business takes dedication and effort. Creative writing isn’t an exception. Everyone should seek to the overall development of the personality. unfortunately, students spend their time not on reading books, studying their major subjects and other practices that develop their brain and creativity also.

If children play video games for a long time, sitting in one position, it will influence not only their writing skills but their health. We mean primarily the deterioration of general well-being. The child often becomes tired, fatigued and exhausted. So, the creative ideas and enthusiasm in writing are out of the question. The parents should limit the time of playing games and give children the possibility to play outside with friends.

Communicating with others and discovering the surroundings are also important aspects of essay writing. The child will learn to talk with people and will always get to know something new about this world. Children who know how to find common ground with everybody are more likely to achieve high academic success, including essay writing. Don’t let your child be isolated from society.

Video games, unfortunately, don’t contribute to the widening of vocabulary. To have a wide vocabulary is a necessary skill for every student, who wants to write top-notch academic papers. when children play games the whole day, don’t read books and don’t communicate with people, their active vocabulary is constantly narrowing. And if we take into account the fact that children adore various online games, the other negative effect becomes evident. 

The players in chat often use an obscene lexicon that should go unnoticed by children. But they don’t pay attention to the origin of these words and use them in inappropriate contexts. It may bring a lot of problems in life and study.

Spending the greater part of their lives in virtual reality children lose their sense of reality. The fantastic world mixes with real life. As a result, children may suffer from various mental illnesses. Try to instill the right values and explain the negative effects of video games on children.

Parents simply can’t make their children practice in creative writing. Several years ago the TV was a time-consumer. Now computers and games have taken this role. It doesn’t mean that you should forbid this activity. Give your child the way to rest. Games are good and interesting entertainment. If they have scheduled time for video games, this activity won’t do any harm to them. But the measure is a treasure. 

If you realize that creativity isn’t your cup of tea, don’t get upset. Even the most complicated situation has a solution. We’re not in ancient times, so everyone can use the blessings of civilization. 


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