How Video Games Affect the Social Life of Students

Many students undertake habits, which negatively affect their academic performance. Moreover, those habits may negatively affect their social life. For example, frequent playing of video games. Commonly, these are teenagers and so, they are students. While they spend many hours on gaming, they don’t divide enough time on socializing and this habit leads to such serious negative consequences as violence and aggression. This article highlights more consequences.

Mental Deviations

Video games affect our brains to a definite extent. A lot depends on the natural predisposition of people, as well as age and gender. Commonly, video games negatively affect young males. The most frequent mental deviation is aggressiveness. One Korean study involved 1,242 seventh-, eighth-, and ninth-grade students who actively played violent games. The outcomes showed that violent video games have a strong and direct effect, which increased aggressiveness. Moreover, they showed an indirect influence on prosocial behavior.


Another study conducted by Escobar-Chaves & Anderson also showed a certain link to behavioral deviations. In the meanwhile, the link wasn’t that clear. It may be similar to several smoking studies, which signified a link to lung cancer but it wasn’t direct because not all smokers fall ill with this horrible disease. Accordingly, one may claim that video games play as a trigger to provoke asocial and aggressive behavior. Youngsters definitely experience certain problems with their sociability.

Serious Addiction

Another serious issue, which is likewise related to mental deviations, is addiction. Students are merely obsessed with gaming and forget about other essentials, including socializing. They may easily communicate with their mates in the virtual game, but completely fail when they meet somebody in reality. The only real interest they have is gaming. As they don’t want to learn about other things, people don’t know what to discuss with such children.

Social Isolation

A Freshmen Survey conducted by UCLA’s Higher Education Research Institute showed that nearly 1% of students play over 20 hours per week. 35% of them play at least one hour per week. This data is constantly updated and steadily increases. Students are obsessed with gaming and so, avoid communication with other people. They isolate themselves from society. This leads to mental consequences in the long run. Such people find it impossible to get along with their peers, which induces the lack of self-confidence and self-esteem. These reasons may lead even to depression.

Development of Bad Habits

The Journal of Youth and Adolescence has highlighted one research, which also focused on the influence of video games on the social life of students. It has shown that active gaming doesn’t cause serious problems for social life. Nevertheless, this lifestyle makes relationships poorer inside the family circle, as well as outside it.


Besides, it may provoke some bad habits. Amongst active gamers are active smokers. Other gamers consume alcohol in excessive amounts or begin to take drugs. Although video gaming is not a direct link to such behavior, the connection is obvious and undeniable.

Other Links to Prevent Gaining Social Experience

Sometimes, students don’t develop their social skills not because they spend time playing video games. Perhaps they are too busy with their academic assignments. It may somehow affect them in the wrong way. As they are overburdened with too many tasks, they ignore them and play for pure fun.


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Positive Outcomes

There are likewise positive consequences when students play video games. A lot depends on their type. We all know about educational games. Besides, there are prosocial games, which were specially designed to improve behavior in children.


One study in Singapore surveyed 727 middle school students who played prosocial games. They were asked to pass several tests. One of them included the question of whether kids would like to share their things with somebody else. The answers were positive.


When they were asked to create a puzzle for somebody else, children chose the easiest scenario. Those who played violent games chose the most difficult. Accordingly, the right games make children kinder and prosocial.


As you can see, there are not so many direct proofs that video games affect social life. Nevertheless, their negative effects are quite obvious. It’s necessary to limit the time spent on gaming and carefully select the genre.

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