Which VR Headset Has the Best Games of 2020?

When you finally decided on buying your first VR headset, it is crucial to take a fundamental approach. The variety of choices may make any person get puzzled within seconds. As a result, you will spend money on worthless accessories and a headset will not play any popular games. For this purpose, let’s overview what VR to choose and what games are supported. Beware, the next content can help you save some time and money.

Top 4 Virtual Reality Gaming Headsets


Are you wondering why 4 not like the usual top 5? It is no surprise as far as today’s gaming industry clearly outlines four trendsetters and representatives that proved to be the best and high in demand. Your final choice will depend solely on your paying capacity. However, those who want at least to experience what is VR technology itself should consider visiting designated game-rooms and ask the workers to explain the functionality. As of now, such services rise in number, so you will know whether you can tolerate VR or you strange it may sound are compatible with such an innovation. Otherwise, take a look at the next popular pillars within buyers:


Valve Index. Experts have already branded it as the next-generation headset. Nevertheless, it does not differ much from Rift or Vive. A serious focus has been placed on the player’s comfort: thanks to the convenient fixation, the headset is quickly put on the head and fixed with a round handle. There is no need to deal with velcro, like in Rift and Vive. In the area of contact with the face and neck, everything is generously covered with a breathable microfiber with soft padding. Another round knob adjusts the distance between the face and the body, which is especially useful if you wear glasses. 


Valve intended to create a headset that could be easily worn for hours without getting tired, and it seemed to work out. 


  • Main VR Games – After the Fall, Half-Life Alyx, Lonn, Low-Fi, The Walking Dead


Oculus Quest. This headset is stuffed with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, that can be found in many smartphones, such as Samsung. However, without a powerful PC, the graphics, are not displayed at the highest level compared to its analogs. Besides, the lack of external tracking sensors affects the tracking itself, and it sometimes takes the player away from the virtual immersion. Quest has 50 games and an intuitive interface. 



  • Main VR Melbourne Games of Oculus- Beat Saber, Accounting+, Vader Immortal, SuperHot



PlayStation. Sony did a good job on the ergonomics of the PlayStation VR. Its headsets adjust comfortably on the head and are perfect in size. The game picture in the PlayStation VR is very smooth: the refresh rate for a reason is fixed at 90 or 120 Hz. The “Social Screen” mode when friends see a picture from the VR headset is a great option for a party.



  • Resident Evil 7, Tetris Effect, Blood and Truth, I Expect You to Die, Batman: Arkham, Star Trek: Bridge Crew



Samsung Gear. The main content that is available today for Gear VR consists of casual games. VR Melbourne players can download them through the Oculus Store, which can be done from a smartphone and after connecting it to Gear VR. Also, you can download the video for a headset from other sources, but for this option, you need to look for a third-party player. Games for Gear VR are very simple, but with pretty decent graphics and physics.



  • Smash Hit, Keep Talking and Nobody Explode, Minecraft



Thus, you may see that each representative of VR in gaming or brand has its games. It is a common practice within gamers to buy a headset only for one game. As a result, in the future, they may find difficult to play interesting games that are supported by other sets. So, make sure you know what you want and you have an idea of the approximate budget. If looking for an affordable option, it is for sure Samsung Gear. 


What to Choose?


It is possible to say that there is no headset with the best games because developers differently launch the accessories and accordingly release games. Some VR Melbourne players may find PlayStation set boring, some think of Oculus as a hard device. Here comes the first conclusion, do not choose the headset only relying on the number of games. From the other side, if you want to dive into full-immersion virtual reality, you should consider buying the Valve Index because this headset will support the upcoming bestseller Half-Life Alyx. 


The next aspect will concern the comfort. Basically, all the above-mentioned options are comfortable in usage and they all support the glasses. Whenever you have a possibility, again turn to VR Melbourne game-rooms or entertainment centers where you can try out the headset before buying it. 


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