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As someone who is very passionate about virtual reality I’m always on the lookout for interesting new titles coming to PlayStation VR. That’s why when I saw White Elk Studio’s game Eclipse: Edge of Light was coming to Sony’s platform I had to check it out. I had heard good things about it when it released back in 2017 on mobile VR devices and it won several mobile VR game of the year awards. Now that this intergalactic journey has landed on PlayStation VR is it worth checking out?

Eclipse: Edge of Light

The first thing I should mention is that the game can be played entirely without VR if you want but for this review I only tested it on the headset. As for control methods you’ll be playing with the Dualshock 4 as there is no PlayStation Move support present. The premise of the game is that you have crash landed on an unknown planet and must navigate and explore to discover just what happened here. The game is a first-person linear adventure game so don’t expect to be engaging in combat as it’s really all about just exploring the paths it sets you down. You’ll navigate the world using the analog stick on the controller and there are a few comfort options to enable should you need them. I just played with the default options and I felt fine throughout my playthrough.

Eclipse: Edge of Light

As you set off to explore it doesn’t take long to find that other people have been here before as there are remains of civilization and other crashed ships about. Also not long into the game you find a relic shaped like an orb which you’ll use to solve puzzles in the game and learn more about the world. For instance, some objects in the environment can be scanned with the orb and doing so will reward you with bits and pieces of the backstory of this world. The orb can also be thrown to hit and destroy things in the environment or thrown to activate things such as platforms or machine terminals. As you break things you’ll collect dust which is used to activate various things in the environment. A lot of this stuff you don’t really need to do to get through the game but in order to get the most out the couple hour runtime this game has you’ll most likely want to.

Eclipse: Edge of Light

You are also equipped with a jetpack that allows you to jump and fly for short distances at a time. There is some light platforming parts that you’ll be needing this for during the game and for the most part I really enjoyed using it. It’s fun to blast up into the sky in virtual reality and look around. Just make sure to make a good landing before your limited gas runs out. The only other thing I should mention about Eclipse is that the puzzles in the game are all relatively simple to figure out and I was never challenged to really think on what to do. That is a little disappointing and is something to keep in mind if you enjoy a challenge.

The visuals in the game are OK but the environments are mostly dull and there isn’t a whole lot of interesting things to look at. The graphics were apparently improved for the PlayStation VR release but you can absolutely still tell this was a game built for mobile platforms originally. The soundtrack on the other hand is pretty good and it was handled by the same composer behind Outer Wilds. It’s a score that ranges from relaxing music to more moody beats and it really fit the whole mysterious planet well. The trophy list is kind of disappointing too as it only includes 5 trophies in total which of course means it doesn’t have a Platinum trophy. You’ll have no problem earning all five of them though as finishing the game will earn you all of them.

Eclipse: Edge of Light

Eclipse: Edge of Light is a fine adventure game but it isn’t a must have in my opinion. It tells a pretty good story and is complimented by a very good soundtrack but its mobile roots do show through. Along with that the puzzles won’t really challenge you and it doesn’t do anything really new to stand out. If you’re a fan of science fiction material though you may enjoy the couple hours of time that it does offer you.

*Eclipse: Edge of Light is available now on PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive. Reviewed on PlayStation VR with a PS4 Pro. Review key provided by the publisher for this review. ThisGenGaming is an official partner of where you can find all of our PlayStation VR reviews.


Eclipse: Edge of Light





  • Interesting story that kept me playing until the end
  • Wonderful soundtrack


  • The game's mobile roots still show
  • Puzzles are overly simple to solve
  • Doesn't tread much new ground

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