Best Blackjack variants to get your hands on


The online platform of casino games has brought us to a place where no casino player needs to be chained to the same old format of playing a casino game. One can now choose from a plethora of casino games that take a nano space in the infinite capacity of the internet. While there are variants of some classic casino games even on the brick-and-mortar casinos, Blackjack remains as the sole game with one or no variants available offline. Hence, to a Blackjack lover like me, online casinos are nothing less than a boon.


I love Blackjack and am even more intrigued when I see a new Blackjack variant. Hence, I keep trying new variants all the time to find one that suits my style and stays long with me. All this investment of time and money has now made me capable of presenting a list of the best Blackjack variants you should get your hands on. Although the classic online Blackjack game possesses a high RTP of 98-99%, there are several other variants of the game that deserve a look.


Multi-hand Blackjack

Blackjack is a game played on a single-hand (if you have not chosen to split). You place a bet on your hand then the dealer starts dealing you the cards. However, the fun of betting doubles when you play multi-hand Blackjack. In this variant, you are given multiple hands and you can place a bet on each one of them. The game further progresses with the same rules of classic Blackjack but since you are playing with multiple hands, odds are high that you will find a win in this game. In fact, the RTP associated is one of the highest you will ever find in a Blackjack game — 99.60%.


European Blackjack

Did you know that the Blackjack variant we play normally is American Blackjack? Well, American Blackjack is set as the standard Blackjack version but it is certainly not the only one.


European Blackjack follows a similar pattern of Blackjack rules, but the only difference here is that the dealer has to wait to receive his second card until the player makes a move. Which means that you have already made your move before the dealer sees his up-faced card. This multiplies the excitement of the game and also increases the RTP of the game to 99.60%. Matching the RTP of a Multi-hand Blackjack game.


Blackjack Switch

We all love options, whether it is between Chocolate and Butterscotch flavour of ice-creams or hands of cards. Invented in the year 2009, Blackjack Switch is a game that doubles the chances of winning for you. In this game, the dealer deals you with two hands instead of one. Now you can switch the first cards of both the hands if you see there is a benefit in doing so. This gives you the liberty to play the game as you want. However, it is not necessary that you have to change the cards in all situations. You could stick with the original hands if you feel they are enough to beat the croupier in the game.


These were the top-three Blackjack variants that I felt are worth trying if you are a true Blackjack lover. Go Blackjack!!!

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