Office Chair Vs Gaming Chair – Which One is the Best for You?


Office and gaming chairs both exist within the same category of furniture. Both are designed to provide adequate comfort and proper sitting position. However, there are critical differences between the two, most noticeably in the aesthetic aspect. But appearance is not the only element where we can effectively draw the line between office and gaming chairs. 

Truth be told, both hardcore gamers and office workers require the same level of comfort and support in regards to their seats. Both will be sitting down for prolonged periods every day, so it is normal for both groups to look for a chair that can provide absolute comfort throughout the day (and night). 

So, with that in mind, which between the two will be able to deliver the best level of comfort and support? Office chairs or gaming chairs? In this article, we will be analyzing the key differences between the two chairs and help you figure out which one will best suit your particular needs.

Office Chair and Gaming Chair Design Comparison

When it comes to the approach, gaming chairs and office chairs take two widely different routes. Office chairs are primarily designed to be as comfortable as possible. Thus, it typically pushes style into the backburner of the process. As for gaming chairs, it needs to be visually enticing to its core audience (i.e. gamers). Thus, most computer chairs have extravagant looking shapes and color schemes. This, however, will sometimes push comfort back down the line. 

Remember, though that this is not always the case. Some gaming chairs and office chairs can deliver on both style and comfort with massive success. But as a rule of thumb, you should expect gaming chairs to be far more stylish and incorporate a racing seat style design. Office chairs, on the other hand, generally focus on creating an ergonomically-based chair.

Which Has the Better Design?

When it comes to aesthetics, choosing the winner is always subjective to the beholder. Some individuals love a no-nonsense and straightforward approach when it comes to furniture design. Others like being trendy and stylish when it comes to their interior design and furniture.

That said, I’m confident you will find one from both chair types that meet your personal preference in regards to its overall style. Simply put, if you enjoy colorful and stylish looking chairs, then I recommend you start your search in the gaming chair category. For those who want a more subdued and minimalist design, the office chair is your best bet.

Winner: As I said during the start of this section, choosing which has a better design is entirely subjective for each individual. Whether you want a chair with a minimalist design or one that delivers more flair, you are guaranteed to find one to your liking with the vast selection available for both office and gaming chairs. 

Which is More Comfortable?

Comfort is a vital aspect of any chair, more so with both office and gaming chairs. The reason for this is quite simple; both chairs are marketed to people who will often spend hours sitting on said chair. Being comfortable will be a highly important aspect of its design.

One misconception about gaming chairs is that they are not primarily designed with comfort at the forefront. From my personal experience, both office and gaming chairs provide an almost identical level of expertise. The notion of gaming chairs being less comfortable in general stems from its focus on a style. Yes, there are gaming chairs out there that feel more rigid than their office chair counterparts, but not all. 

If you compare both office chairs and gaming chairs in their respective price range, you will notice that it is only with the design and certain features (like cupholders) that differences are glaring. Overall, a $170 gaming chair is nearly identical to an office chair within that same ballpark. 

Generally, I do feel that an office chair of the same price range as a specific gaming chair can still provide a slightly better experience when it comes to comfort. Not by a wide margin though, as some would have you think. 

Construction, Material, and Design All Lend to Overall Chair Comfort

Similar to aesthetics, the actual level of comfort may vary from person to person. We here at the office have encountered instances wherein one reviewer felt extremely comfortable with a specific gaming/office chair while the other ranked it just above average. This difference in preference can be traced back to one’s posture and body type. 

Due to the different body types of each individual, one chair that is comfortable to one may not be the same case for another. To answer which kind of chair is most satisfying is, once again, not as simple as it sounds. You will need to try and test it out and land on the conclusion yourself. 

Winner: In general, the difference in comfort between the office chair and gaming chair is not that significant within the low and mid-range entries. However, if we are to include the higher-end gaming and office chairs, we will have to give the nod to the office chairs. 

While high-end gaming chairs are catching up to high-end office chairs in terms of comfort, we are still putting our money on the office chairs. If you are looking at the lower and mid-range chairs, it’s a draw – at the high-end spectrum, the office chair takes the crown.


Overall, both office chairs and gaming chairs provide identical results in terms of comfort within the low and mid-range price spectrum. They match each other tit-for-tat on that regard. Since most customers tend to stay within that price bracket, choosing between the two is purely subjective. 

Do you want a stylish chair with a few added functionalities and features? That’s the gaming chair in a nutshell. For those who want something practical and focuses more on providing comfort and support, you can check out the office chair category.

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