Top online casino games that you can play using crypto currency

1. Slots- Whether it’s Niagara Falls or Spinning Lights, slots are a game you can enjoy more with crypto currency according to Slots are a game of light fun and enjoyment with returns that you can cash in using crypto currency. There’s something pleasurable about sitting in from of a slots screen and watching the icons light up. This old-fashioned looking game has great returns and splendid visuals and colours. You’d be amazed to see a slots version of Lara Croft as well! A good example of a cryptocurrency casino is bitcoin casino free btc, it is designed specifically for players who like something fun in the game.

2. Blackjack- a game unlike Slots, blackjack relies on skill and strategy and not chance. It’s imperative to know your way around this game so that you can beat the house. If you can get to 21 before the house does, you win. The catch is if you go beyond the number, then you stand to lose. The odds always seem to favour the player and not the house and so it’s possible to win big. Online casinos offer many variations of the game. Start with learning the basics first and then try your hand at the different versions that are available.

3. Poker- the Professional Oasis Poker Series is a game that’s great to earn a lot of crypto currency. Do keep in mind though that you have to spend money on each card that you choose to change, but when you win big, you’ll enjoy it all a lot. This game has enjoyed cult status for a very long time and the bigger online casinos have their own poker rooms for the dedicated player. You will need to apply to be part of the room and this is an indication of how seriously people take the game. There are different versions and of them, the more popular ones are Caribbean Stud Poker, Hold ‘Em Poker and Three Card Poker. Video Poker is also extremely popular.

4. Dice games- the big draw with these games is the jackpots that come with it. It runs into millions and it happens more often than you think. With a house edge of a mere 1%, the chances of winning in dice are pretty high. All you need to do is choose a number on the dice and place a bet on it. You can go below or above the number in your bet. The bet can be made automatically or manually. The bigger your bet, the bigger the jackpot.

5. Roulette- the spin of the wheel and the ball decides how big a player wins in this game. You place your bet on a number based on the chips on the mat and then watch to see if you’ve won.

6. Minesweeper- this iconic game has moved away from the computer and into the online casino sites using bitcoin and Litecoin, depending on the version that you’re using. The idea is simple- you place your bet and choose how many ever mines you would like placed on the field. You can go from 24 to 1. Obviously, the higher you go, the higher you win. Now begin playing by clicking on the squares. If you get through the minefield unscathed, you win.

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