How to stay focused while you playing games.

Meet Gamer X in front of us, for twenty hours now he has been playing an unknown game, but apparently a very interesting game, because he is going to play it for another twenty hours. He became very interested in how he couldn’t fall asleep on the soft keyboard. Let’s see what we can do for our gamer X.

First, some information about sleep. This is the process of staying in a state of minimal brain activity. The process is vital to us. On average, a person from 6 to 8 hours a day is enough to experience a blissful feeling of “rash”. Also, a person cannot spend more than 11 to 12 days without sleep, although this is a very variable term, after this death must occur. But even these 11 12 days, a person will not be able to spend “normally”, after 3 4 days the level of brain activity will drop significantly, speech will become unintelligible, the reaction will greatly decrease, hallucinations may begin. However, people have long ago discovered that with the help of some means it is possible to maintain vigor a little longer. And so, we list our gamer X all that he can use to play his favorite game. 

1) Coffee.

Good old coffee, which invigorates us with sleepless days, nights, mornings and generally at any time of the day. At what it does not have to be liquid coffee. You can, for example, chew coffee beans (especially tasty if they are in dark chocolate). Of course, if our X gamer brews himself a cup of natural coffee, he will cheer him up and give him some more time. How much time depends on the individual characteristics of the gamer, the type of coffee and how it will be consumed.

May our gamer  indulge in instant coffee . However, it must be borne in mind that if he does this often, then the body’s susceptibility to caffeine will drop and the dose of coffee will increase.

However, caffeine has its side effects. The heart of our gamer can start to play pranks, it can be trembled and light panic attacks can begin (if coffee was drunk on an empty stomach and was too strong), and also (and this is what our gamer X was most afraid of) he can make out diarrhea Caffeine promotes intestinal motility, which is generally not bad if one wants to lose weight. 

2) Coca-Cola.

The healing properties of Coca-Cola have been known to people for a long time. Well, who, you see, did not try to dissolve a plastic button in it, clear a coin or soak, for the sake of the experiment, a sausage. So our gamer knows perfectly well that Kola contains caffeine and it also works as a power engineer. However, drinking it, he notes that the effect of Cola does not last long and that you will have to drink it constantly to stay awake. And he is right. Coke caffeine is absorbed and starts to work faster than caffeine, but the effect of it is weaker and shorter.

And also, after drinking Cola, our gamer felt a lot of side effects. Due to the abundant carbonation of the drink, he began to have bloating and terrible discomfort, plus he began to run to the toilet every five minutes (you won’t play much), and his stomach got sick. In general do not abuse Cola. 

3) Coffee-Cola.

Many gamers are also well aware of the invigorating effect of a mixture of coffee and cola (carefully, when mixed, gush with an abundance of foam). Indeed, the effect of this wonderful home-cooked energetic is wonderful, vigor is guaranteed to return for a couple of hours, but at the same time side effects will not keep you waiting. Nervous trembling in the hands, arrhythmia, discomfort in the stomach and all that is written in the previous two paragraphs may occur is it worth it? 

4) Purchased energy. (Adrenaline rush, Red Bull, Burn, etc.)

It tastes like chemistry, the color is chemistry and smells of chemistry in general, despite the promising inscriptions on the jar that tell us that there are only natural ingredients do not believe it! Natural tm is only an aluminum can, and even that is not known what is processed. Such energetics are a shock mixture of caffeine and taurine. All this is diluted with a dose of preservatives, dyes and substitutes for everything except, perhaps, water. The constant consumption of such potions will turn our gamer X into a neurasthenic, with diseased kidneys, a pancreas (a poor gland with such horror will never be able to cope with such horror) and everything else that suffers from chronic fatigue.

Such a danger, however, is justified by the effectiveness of the drink, they effectively remove tiredness, the effect is constant and lasts up to five hours without “refueling”. A person not only ceases to want to sleep, but also experiences nervous excitement. 

5) Energy purchased. Alcoholic

The same testicles, front view. The composition does not differ from the composition of ordinary power engineers, with the exception of a certain amount of alcohol. And although the inscription on the bank promises us from 8 to 16 turns the effect will be felt much stronger due to the fact that:

a) all energy
b) carbonated alcohol is much more actively absorbed by the body and kills, as they say, on the spot.

But with all this, the energy effect is increasing. The reason for this is taurine, its effect on the body is stronger when interacting with alcohol.

As a result, we get that our gamer X will wake up, but will not get the desired clarity of consciousness, since it will be clouded by alcohol. He shakes his head in disappointment; he won’t go let’s move on! 

6) Teas.

This means not only traditional tea brewed from an “elephant” pack, but also teas made from herbs or based on plants such as mate, or good old green tea.

Yes, scientists say that caffeine in some varieties of tea is no less than in coffee. But you should not expect more effect from green tea than from coffee. The energy effect will be weak and rather short-lived (in about an hour you will stumble over the next portion). Black tea can invigorate, but the effect will also be short-lived and for this it must be very strong. This is where the side effect of strong green and black tea is discovered both drinks actively affect blood pressure. Moreover, the effect is purely individual. So if after such a charge of vivacity your head starts to hurt run after the tonometer. If our gamer X nevertheless decides to use tea as an energetic, he is better off taking mate. Now a very popular drink (and most importantly with a very pleasant taste), the drink will give vigor gently for about one and a half two hours and at the same time it does not have side effects, although like relatives it can affect pressure. 

7) Pills.

The last little fad in our gamer X journey on ways to stay awake.  Now in the pharmacy or online you can freely buy pills and supplements such as Alpha Brain (see Alpha brain reviews here) based on herbal ingredients that help you stay awake longer, boosting focus, energy, and mood. They are intended mainly for people who work night shifts. The names of some speak for themselves (“Night Shift” “Good Morning”). These drugs resemble valerian in strength they have an effect, but weak and not too long. Much will also depend on how long you take the drug and how often.

No our  gamer does not like X tablets to drink once again. This is not for him.

After thinking for a long time and weighing the pros and cons, our gamer X chose a bed and a pillow. He realized that nothing in the world can replace a normal dream for a person.  What about the game? Yes, tomorrow will pass, where will she get away from him.

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