Half-Life: Alyx to Launch in March 2020

The wait for the next series of Half-Life is almost over. The Virtual Reality spinoff of the Half-Life called Half-Life: Alyx is all set to be released on March 23, 2020. The new game was announced by Valve sometime in November last year. It has kept the players on tenterhooks for so many months. These gamers have the same feeling as the gambling enthusiasts who are waiting expectantly for the new slot or table game to release from their favourite software developers, while playing at instant withdrawal casino uk. Now, with the announcement that the game goes on sale from March 23, there is no doubt that the avid gaming fans are waiting for the moment they lay their hands on the game.

The Alyx is the first new episode of Half-Life to come out after a long gap of over 12 years. One of the main attractions of this Valve title is that it is designed for virtual reality platforms. The makers are very confident about this new title. They have created it in such a way that it will keep the players hooked on to it for long hours at one go. The programmer Robin Walker is confident with his product and hopes that it creates huge ripples in the video gaming market. If it does, then there will be more titles under this series to come out in the future as well.

With Half-Life: Alyx, the players get to revisit the popular sci-fi universe in VR. This new title shows events happening before Half-Life 2. Hence, it would be having a story in between the first two versions. It is the first time that Valve is coming out with a full-fledged virtual reality game. This tile will be compatible with all the PC based virtual reality headsets. There is also a discount available for the users who wish to pre-order this title.

From the title, it is clear that the players get to step into the shoes of Alyx Vance. She along with her father battles Combine, an alien. The VR environment will be a different experience for the series fans, and they get to use it to fight enemies for the first time. This is the flagship VR title of Valve and does include all the regular series features like puzzles, physical combats, and exploration. The company has made it clear that it will come out with a non-VR version, as this is an exclusive title made for the virtual reality platform.

This play takes place before Half-Life 2’s Gordon Freeman returns. Alyx is his friend and her along with her father Eli Vance are fighting Combine who has conquered the Earth with his alien powers. The best part is that gaming fans use the VR to get regular supplies, throw objects, fight, and use the interfaces. This one features a gravity glove that helps the player to defy and manipulate gravity.

The 2nd series had a gravity gun as a main tool. All the weapons provided can be used with a single hand. The second hand is purposefully kept free to communicate with the world as and when needed.

Alyx from Valve does not allow some of the gaming fans to upgrade their VR as it asks for a Corei5 chip or more with the processing being a quad-core. To enjoy the best visuals, the device should have a GTX 1060 or more, and it should come with a 6GB video RAM for hassle-free and smooth running. The system should have RAM of 12GB. With the latest titles demanding more, there is no doubt that many of the avid PC users will not have difficulty with the spec requirements. If your system doesn’t meet this requirements, you may play free games at https://real-gambling.com/instant-withdrawal-casino/.

The following are the recommendations of Valve posted on Steam for users looking to enjoy Half-Life: Alyx.

  • Windows 10 Operating system
  • Core i5-7500 or Ryzen 5 1600
  • Graphics GTX 1060 or RX580
  • Video RAM of 6GB
  • Memory of 12GB RAM

This Valve title would work on the following headsets.

The people using Oculus Rift S and Quest will find the game suited for these headsets. The Quest might need a link cable, and this does away with the wire-free headset concept. The HTC Vive is a very good option, and gamers having this device can enjoy it without any lags. The Alyx owning any Windows Mixed Reality or Valve Index headsets can enjoy the play without any distortions right in front of their eyes.

There is no doubt that the players will enjoy an immersive gaming experience as the designers and developers have given due importance to developing the game to suit VR devices. This is no doubt that this is a killer VR title that can increase the sales of some headsets and VR controllers.

The exploration of the world looks very real and makes the gamer feel as if they are fully involved in the exploration. There is great importance given to interactions with the environment, and once you start playing it, you will feel the difference. Steam is the place where the users can buy Valve’s Index headset and controller. If you have any headset that works with SteamVR, then the Alyx game will work on your VR headset.

The SteamVR interface has the Home zones with no games option. Here, the players can walk through and view the environment in virtual reality. The campaign of Alyx is said to be about 15 hours long, but there is no confirmation about its duration from the maker’s side.

This is going to be a completely new experience for the Half-Life series fans, as they have not checked out any of this series on VR before. This is not the 3rd part of this series and is placed as filler between the 1st and the 2nd versions. This is a fully boxed game and has all the ingredients to be a massive hit among gaming enthusiasts. As this is a VR title, there is no confirmation as to how long the PC players need to wait to get to play the next chapter of the Half-Life series.

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