What Are The Most Expensive Items On Roblox?

If you haven’t played Roblox yet, we strongly recommend you give the game a try. It’s a fascinating creative sandbox bursting with the collective imagination of its community. There’s no limit to the amazing things Roblox creators can make, and there are plenty of Roblox tips to guide you; whether it’s first-person shooter games or sandbox RPGs, you can find it on Roblox. Of course, it’s not just all about the games. There are some incredible accessories and adornments you can get for your Roblox avatar, too. Some of these accessories are more expensive than others.

While most Roblox accessories are well within reach of the majority of players, there are some eye-wateringly expensive items that only the truly Robux-wealthy can enjoy. We’re about to run down a list of 25 euro bez depozytu those items. If you’re looking for ways to shore up some Robux for these, give grabfreerobux a try; it’s a great way to amass Robux quickly and without hassle. You’re going to need Robux for these accessories. Here are the most expensive non-limited items on Roblox!

Violet Valkyrie – 50,000 Robux

The Violet Valkyrie hat was introduced as part of 2018’s Roblox President’s Day sale. It’s a fairly simple-looking hat that nonetheless costs a ludicrous amount of Robux. If you want this hat, it’ll set you back a staggering 50,000 Robux. That’s a lot of game passes to sell! This hat bears the colour scheme of former Roblox admin BrightEyes, which is probably why it’s so expensive; it’s basically a collectors’ item. If you want to show off your opulent Roblox wealth, this is where you should start.

Summer Valk – 25,000 Robux

At half the price of the Violet Valkyrie helmet, this recoloured hat isn’t quite as harmful to your Robux wallet, but it’s still a significant investment. It’s managed to attract a couple thousand favourites and has been bought a handful of times, so it’s evidently bringing in the punters, but it’s not nearly as popular as its violet cousin. The Summer Valk is an attractive tie-dye style helm that will look great on your Roblox avatar if you’ve got the Robux to burn.

Korblox Deathspeaker – 17,000 Robux

The Korblox Deathspeaker package is a set of truly terrifying gear that will strike fear into the hearts of any who see your avatar wearing it. The most unique feature of this package is its sitting animation; if you sit down while you’re wearing the Korblox Deathspeaker armor, you’ll float above the seat like the horrifying lich you truly are. For 17,000 Robux, you might think the floating feature is a little slight, but players lust after this gear set constantly, so it must be doing something right.

Sir Rich McMoneyston III Disguise – 11,111 Robux

Why, who’s that handsome and dapper figure cutting through the crowd? Of course, it’s Sir Rich McMoneyston! Not really – it’s your avatar wearing this disguise. This is effectively a top hat and monocle combo for your Roblox character, which will make them look like a moneyed gent. Perhaps the most fun aspect of this catalogue item is its accompanying ad, which showed McMoneyston gloating over his hoard while two newbies stand by, dumbstruck. There’s also a matching face available for 10,001 Robux.

Bluesteel Swordpack – 10,000 Robux

“Sharper than a whisper. Silent like death.” So goes the description of Roblox’s Bluesteel Swordpack, which places a pair of sharp swords on your avatar’s back. Obviously, you won’t be able to use them to grief other players, but they look pretty cool nonetheless, as they probably should for 10,000 Robux. Bonus points if you can spot the sai hidden just behind the swords; clearly, this is a last resort for an avatar who has exhausted their swordplay skills.

Poor Man Face – 10,000 Robux

It seems that the Roblox devs were having some fun with this one. You’ll spend 10,000 Robux on the Poor Man face so that your avatar can sport an expression of dismay at spending 10,000 Robux on a face. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy and we love it. When you reach the point where 10,000 Robux becomes disposable income, why not spend it on this glorious paean to needless extravagance? Your avatar may be sad, but you’ll be laughing all the way away from the bank.

Glorious Eagle Wings – 10,000 Robux

The 10,000 Robux sweet spot contains many items, some of them perhaps more visually exciting than others. The Glorious Eagle Wings are just such an item. Your avatar will sprout feathered wings to rival Daedalus and Icarus themselves with these wings. It’s a back accessory, so you’ll have to do away with your cool cape if you want to sport these wings. At 10,000 Robux, some think the wings are a little overpriced, but we think they’re pretty cool.

Mr. Tentacles – 9,090 Robux

Slightly cringeworthy description aside, Mr. Tentacles is a really fun head accessory that – you guessed it – places a squid on your head. The squid is unutterably adorable, and at 9,090 Robux, Mr. Tentacles isn’t quite the eye-watering purchase that the Glorious Eagle Wings represent. This is one of the oldest items in the Roblox catalogue; it’s been around since 2009 and has seen its fair share of purchases since then. Seriously, though, just look at that squid. Aww.

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