Online Bingo Jackpots Explained

Bingo is loved by thousands of players on a daily basis but they don’t all want to play the same style of Bingo. Sometimes, the price of the tickets can sway someone’s decision as to which room they want to play in, or someone can simply prefer the theme of a room. But the most common reason for someone wanting to play a specific type of Bingo online over another is down to the size of the jackpot available at

With so many people playing online Bingo, the sites and apps that provide these games have a much bigger pot to be able to provide large jackpots from. This is one of the biggest draws to online Bingo playing and the majority of the larger sites will give you the opportunity of winning big. The equation is easy really – the bigger the jackpot, the more popular the online Bingo site!

There are many different types of jackpots though so it is worth doing a bit of research and checking out different online Bingo sites to make sure that you are in with the best chance of being able to get your hands on the cash prize. The biggest prizes have been known to be life-changing so it is absolutely worth spending a bit of time looking around before you start playing. Let’s take a look at the different jackpots related to online Bingo now. 

Fixed Jackpots

The fixed jackpot is rather self-explanatory, as it is fixed to a set amount of money being on offer as the prize. This does not alter whether there are 20 players or 2,000 players involved within the Bingo game. But there is a catch with these Bingo games.

If no one is able to complete the pattern of numbers in the specific way required or in the specific amount of balls, then there is no prize. With a fixed jackpot, there is no guarantee that anyone will win the prize money, let alone that you specifically will win any money. Not only are you wanting to beat your competitors to the jackpot in this style of Bingo games but you are also wanting to beat the game itself so this is a bit of a double whammy. Great if you can win but really quite hard to do so. 

Guaranteed Jackpot

There are two different definitions as to what a guaranteed jackpot is when it comes to playing online Bingo. One definition is that no matter how many balls are drawn or how long this takes, there will be a winner and the jackpot will be awarded to a player, whether it is you or one of your competitors.

The alternative definition is that this style of online Bingo game will have a guaranteed jackpot of a specific amount of money. It will be advertised and made clear to you as to how much you are playing for so make sure you are aware of this fact before you start playing so as to avoid being disappointed.

Knowing which of these definitions the game you are playing relates to is always helpful before you start playing your chosen Bingo game. That way, you know what you are playing for and know what to expect. 

Progressive Jackpot

The name of this style of jackpot is a good clue here. The jackpot size is able to increase with either the number of players or if no one wins the jackpot. Usually, the more players in a progressive jackpot Bingo room, the bigger the available jackpot, and if no one won the previous progressive jackpot Bingo game in this room, then there is a chance of there being an enormous jackpot up for grabs.

To win this type of jackpot, you are generally required to win a specific formation of numbers on your ticket, but the most frequent way to win is to see if you can be the first to get yourself a Full House.

Progressive jackpots can increase due to the number of players playing a specific Bingo game because they use a percentage of each ticket price purchased and add it to the total available for someone to win. This is the way in which a progressive jackpot can progress. But the fastest and largest way is when a jackpot has not been won from a previous round of progressive Bingo game as the jackpot will just continue to increase until someone wins. 

Sliding Jackpot

A sliding jackpot is named so because it slides in its value but sadly, it only does so in one direction. Sliding jackpots only decrease in their value. They will all advertise the price that they initially start at and they can be won at that price but if they are not won within a certain amount of balls being called then the value of the jackpot will slowly begin to decrease. This decrease continues until a win occurs, but sometimes by this stage, the jackpot can be tiny.

Sliding jackpot Bingo games are the least popular of the online Bingo games currently available and as there is no way of knowing how much you are going to be able to win, there is little wonder as to why this is the case. However, as they do still have a good potential to win some interesting and fairly big prizes, they certainly should not be ruled out and actually have a certain amount of excitement about these game types that other styles of Bingo do not have. 

Bingo Jackpots Online

There is a style of Bingo and Bingo jackpot size to suit everyone. Some are fixed and some alter, but the excitement of playing Bingo online remains just as great for anyone who chooses to play. The jackpot size may vary and for some styles of Bingo game, it will also alter depending on the time of day that you choose to play.

Be sure to check the terms and conditions of every game and be clear as to what each of the different terminologies means before you start playing on a new style of Bingo game.

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