5 of the Best eSports Games of All Time

It’s almost funny talking about eSports as if it were some kind of new-fangled, just out of the box, innovation. The first electronic game tournaments started in 1980, and here we are, 40 years later speaking as if it just started.

Even that isn’t so out of the ordinary. The history of the NFL looks a lot like the history of eSports games, with a delay of decades between the inception and the big contests.

These days, eSports tournaments are bringing in hundreds of millions in ad revenue and millions of viewers. Still, the landscape of what games can get in and make a name for themselves is evolving. Leagues and teams are not set in stone. 

All in all, it’s a great time to get into eSports. 

Top eSports Games

Defining the top of a thing requires some kind of rubric. In this case, look at the numbers of players, prize pools, and the number of tournaments.

These metrics tell you how active the game is in the market, how many people are engaged, and the push the parent companies are making to expand. 

1. Fortnite

The Battle Royale genre has a lot of competition right now. Fortnite, largely due to its appeal to a wide age-group features the most money and the most eyes.

Fortnite also fancies itself a full-on electronic forum, performing concerts and product tie-ins with its seasons.

If anything, this game is the top of the eSports heap for going full-Lucas and commoditizing every aspect of itself. 

2. Dota 2

You might think that League of Legends is doing better, by the amount of press that RIOT gets for itself but the numbers are with Dota 2. 

The prize pools are larger and there are more tournaments each year. Dota 2 is the defacto MOBA right now and offers a direct player-to-pro pathway through its ranking and tournament structure. 


It’s rough to put two of the same genre on the list, but the competition between PUBG and Fortnite, not unlike the AFC vs NFC, is part of what makes them work.

PUBG has less prize money and fewer players but the rivalry makes both games stronger. 

4. iRacing.com

The market for eSports racing is just getting started. Many of the brand names needed to craft a solid following are just now getting into the market. 

Expect the competition in this eSports Game to make headlines over the next two years as NASCAR and F1 fight for that eSports dollar.

5. StarCraft II

StarCraft doesn’t have the numbers it once did but it still holds over 300 tournaments each season. That’s impressive given the age of the game. 

Blizzard may be fighting a few battles with its other products, but StarCraft II has remained a strong eSports market in crucial South Korean and Chinese markets. 

Get Started

The best way to get started in eSports games is to pick one to practice and follow. Learn what works for you and what doesn’t. Capitalize on your talents and then practice practice practice.

For more information on all things in electronic gaming, keep coming back here. 

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