5 PS4 Games We All Love To Play Together

With the PS4’s life cycle coming to an end soon, and the PS5 on the way later this year. It’s the perfect time to remember some of the best games that we could all play together on the PS4. Here’s 5 of them.


Fortnite set the world on fire in 2017, and continues to do so in 2020 with continued updates. This 100 player battle royale game has given all of us countless of hours of fun to play together whether it was in duos, groups and the rare trios event that happens from time to time. The impact Fortnite had made on the PS4 online community can and will never be forgotten. It would not surprise me if this game continues to be huge as we head to the PS5.

GTA Online

Launching a year prior to it’s PS4 release in 2014, GTA Online has been a staple of the PS4 online community with it’s constant updates for the last 6 years that included new heists, clubs and even the casino was opened for the first time ever just last year. Speaking of casinos, check out CasinoWinner and see if your luck can continue there as it did on GTA Online.

World War Z

Now this game is not that old, but it sure has left an impact as there’s been a missing void for a survival zombie multiplayer game on the PS4. World War Z is very similar to Left 4 Dead and also fills that void of there not being another Left 4 Dead game out there. This is a perfect game to play together with friends who want to blast through some zombies.

Four Kings Casino And Slots

Four Kings Casino And Slots was released all the way back on the PS4 in 2015, and is by far the best casino experience you can get on the PS4. If you’re looking for a real online casino experience then check out LoyalCasino for that real casino experience. Four Kings Casino And Slots featured being able to play casino greats like Poker and Slots along with even Bingo! It’s all very fun to play with friends online.


If you’re looking for chaos and demolition derby’s then you were a big fan of Wreckfest, this is another kind of new PS4 game that has taken racing games to another level with insane crashing and high speeds. This arcade racer and smasher is incredibly fun to play in party of friends online and continues to be one of the most fun online games in 2020.

The PS4 has been a great console era over the last 7 years, and these were just 5 of the many games that could have been mention on top of these. We hope the PS5 continues to give us memories for years to come!

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