How to Make Money in Dota 2

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could make real money by doing something simple, something that you really enjoy? If you’re into Dota 2 and need some extra cash, then you’ll be in awe to find out that it’s possible to make money through it. Even though you may not be able to choose it as a profession and despite not being advised to have this as your sole income source, it’s still great to know you have the option to make more cash.

If you want to earn some real money through gaming, then here are some of the ways through which you can gain it.

  1. Sell In-Game Items

Sometimes, you may have some cosmetic items left that you either don’t use anymore or just happen to not like. You can easily just sell them to people who can’t buy these items through the game.

Buying cosmetic items through the game requires PayPal or a credit card, and not all players have that. So, you can help them out by giving them these items and getting your cash through money transfer or by meeting up.

  • Sell Your Account to Someone

This may be a difficult option as it means you will give up on the account you’ve had for a long time, the account you worked for. But if you have no need for it anymore and think someone else would like it, you can try to sell it. Just bear in mind that a high MMR is needed if you need to get a good amount of cash for your account, so it will be a while until you’ll be able to sell your account.

  • Win Tournaments

Tournaments are the way to go for people who are already experts and want to get to the next level and become millionaires. There are Dota 2 Pro tournaments that you can participate in, with huge prize pools, so if you are really in need of some money, don’t hesitate. Make sure you and your team manage to become very good at the game and try your luck. Who knows, you may become the next Dota 2 sensation.

  • Gamble on Dota 2

Did you know that you can also engage in some betting on Dota 2? Since there are so many tournaments, you have the option to bet on your favorite team and if your prediction was right, you’ll get some cash. But only do this if you know the teams and players because otherwise you only risk placing bets in vain and wasting your cash instead. There are many places where you can bet, including and many others, so get to know the team and come up with the best betting strategy.

Final Thoughts

Some additional money is never bad, as you never know when you’re going to need it, so why not use every chance you can to earn cash? Dota 2 is an easy way to do so. Use it to your advantage.

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