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Crazy Monkey Studios, the same studio who brought us games like Guns, Gore, and Cannoli, has just released their newest game Hidden Through Time. This game is pretty much the video game form of the Where’s Waldo books that I had as a young child. If going through time and seeking out hidden things in the scene sound interesting to you then read on.

Hidden Through Time is the type of game that anyone could pick and up understand what to do right away. The main mode in the game has you playing through over 20 levels from 4 different periods in history. Those being the Old West, Middle Ages, Stone Age, and Ancient Egypt. Every level gives you a list of things to find in it. Some were easier to find than others for me. Some of them I spent probably too long trying to find and ended up moving on. That’s right, even if you don’t find everything you’ll still have the option to move to the next level so don’t stress yourself out too much. The game does provide some hints though to help you out a little bit. In terms of playing the game there isn’t much else to say about it as this is pretty much all you do in it.

When you finish the main mode’s levels you can get a bit more out of the game with the level editor. Here you can create your own maps, come up with hints, and even upload them for others to play. As with any game with user generated content the quality of them will vary greatly but I’ve found some pretty good ones already. You can also rate them which should hopefully help the quality ones be more visible. The only downside to the map editor feature is that the controls do take some getting used to.

The art style in Hidden Through Time is another great thing about it. Every level has a great colorful hand drawn look to it as you can see in the screens here. There’s a lot of detail in every scene which makes hunting down everything more enjoyable. The art is complimented by a soothing soundtrack that kept me in the mood of finding things. Finally, trophy hunters out there will be happy to know that the game has a very easy Platinum trophy to earn. There are 20 in total and you can get them all by finding all the objects in every scene and by playing around 50 online levels.

Anyone who is a fan of trying to hunt down things in a scene will enjoy Hidden Through Time a lot. It’s a great game for those people or for family play in general. It isn’t really long but the user generated content is there to help give it some longer legs. It’s also very affordable and for that price I don’t think you can go wrong.

*Hidden Through Time is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Reviewed on a PS4 Pro. Review copy provided by the publisher for this review.

Hidden Through Time





  • Simple puzzle game that anyone can pick up and play
  • Colorful and very appealing hand drawn visuals
  • In-game map editor lets you share and play others creations


  • Map editor takes some learning
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