The Best Updates To GTA Online

So ever since GTA Online went live almost 7 years ago, Rockstar have constantly added more and more to the online mode. Some updates have been more epic than others, so I’m doing a list of what I feel is the best updates of GTA Online to date.


The original heists were added to GTA Online in 2015 and before release they were incredibly hyped up, and when they released they lived up to that enormous amount of hype. Allowing players to set up heists first and then pulling off the big heist at the end. This included the big bank heist ending mission that gave players $1 million to split between friends.


In 2018, Rockstar added something that was not included in the single player portion of GTA 5, and that was Nightclubs. The buildings were there in the single player, but they were unable to be accessed. After many years of waiting and rumors, Nightclubs were able to be accessed in GTA Online, you could either purchase one or visit a friends nightclub. This was also a way to make money in GTA Online by making your nightclub as popular as possible by completing side missions.


Now this one was the most hyped up and rumored ever since GTA Online released in 2013. There was a casino in GTA 5 that for 6 years had a sign saying opening soon, but it looked like it was never going to happen. However in 2019, Rockstar finally opened the doors and allowed players to access the casino to play games like slots and blackjack. However if you want to access real life betting, there’s CanadaSportsBetting with GTA Online however, Casinos has proved to be one of the biggest and best updates.

Arena War

In 2018, Rockstar added something that no player had really thought of but it ended up being one of the most well received additions, and that is the Arena War. GTA 5 has a stadium in Los Santos, but it’s not used in the single player, this was however used for GTA Online’s Arena War. In Arena War you can play insane races whilst trying to keep your car from being destroyed.

These are the 4 updates that I feel have been the best in GTA Online. Hopefully Rockstar keeps the great updates coming in 2020 and beyond!

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