Below Launches on PlayStation 4 on April 7

Capybara Games has announced that the previously announced PlayStation 4 version of Below will launch on April 7.

Below launched on Xbox One and PC at the end of 2018 but with the timed exclusivity window now over PlayStation players can finally get their hands on it. The PlayStation 4 version will come with the new “Explore” mode making the game much more accessible. All other versions will also get this new mode as part of a free update on that same day. You can read much more about this new mode below.

Below presents a vast underworld of ever-shifting labyrinths where deadly monstrosities, cunning traps, and a shadowy presence lurk in every passage. Craft remedies and tools to help you survive the Depths. What lies below? Only the brave will find out.

Explore mode offers an accessible adventure, while preserving the mystery and danger of the Isle.

Survive mode is for only the hardiest wanderers.

Hazards and beasts are at their deadliest; survival requires careful planning and sharp instincts.

Explore Mode Changes

Explore changes to survival

  • No Hunger or Thirst
  • Can’t drink puddles or bottles
  • Bottles still need to be filled with water for cooking soup
  • Soups restore health
  • Death’s door teleport to island
  • Avoids the issue of jumping down without enough lamp juice to open the door

Explore World Entity changes

  • Fire Pillars
  • Chance to drop embers
  • Fires don’t burn out until you die
  • Invincible, can’t be broken with bombs
  • No one-hit deaths
  • No iron maiden

Explore Damage Changes

  • All damage is bleed damage, giving the player time to stop the bleeding

Explore Checkpoints / Campfires

  • Don’t clear after use
  • Still only one active at a time

Mode-specific Saves

  • New Save slot for Explore
  • New Survive mode on main menu (original mode)
    • Existing progress saved as Survive mode slot

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