Top 5 Best Android Games that Take Less Space in Your Mobile

Mobile gaming is used by game lovers throughout the world because of the global use of Smartphones. Today, smartphones are used for several purposes including calling, sending messages, listening to music, looking through picture galleries, making videos, social network sites with the help of the internet, playing games after downloading the games on the mobile phones. People can even watch movies, series, and news on their phones.

Lots of important work can be done with the help of smart mobile phones like mobile banking, paying the electricity bill and many more serious kinds of stuff. Even Game lovers are using smartphones for playing several games including hockey, cricket, Pubg, SuperEna Max, basketball and more. But it is not always possible to play all types of games as a downloading game in your mobile memory can take huge spaces on the device. So, here are some of the top and favourite mobile games for the game lovers that will take less space on your device along with other apps and media files on your mobile.


So, let’s start the list of small size games with retro-style arcade game that puts you in control. Sir Hoppenhelm is an 8-bit knight who is lost in the prisons of his castle. The main part of this game is to jump and make your way by overcoming all the obstacles in the dungeon and have to check how far you can go in a single chance. Though the game is small in size but it offers endless hours to play the game with variety of unlockable characters and weapons through which you can play.


Now, if you love to make targets, then you must try arrow and bow type game. Archery would be the right choice for this. It is very small in size and well known as one of the small games for Android mobile.  The game is very easy to play and can judge your intelligence. You can show your score and can compete with other players as well.

It is simple but not so easy game which also does not take much space on your mobile. In this game, you would be able to control a tiny worm and help it to navigate the terrain and picking up colourful pellets that will ultimately help you to grow and stay away from larger worms which is able to blow you up. If you have to be very careful as if your head touches other players, you will explode but if another worm touches you, then they will explode.


 You can say that it is the tinniest chess game that has huge features and functionalities. It is just like a real-life Chess game in which you would definitely addicted if you love to play the chess game. It is also a mood-changing game with realistic graphics and amazing sound effects.

Slow Free:

It is another simple but addictive puzzle game where you have to connect to the two dots of the same colour using pipes on a grid of different sizes to create the flow. The game has almost 2500 puzzles with different difficulties that will make the game a challenging one to compete. The game occupies little space on your mobile phone.

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